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Budget Fixing: Easy Home Renovation

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Your home plays a significant role in helping you to relax, recharge your spirit, and feel connected to your values and lifestyle. Thus, it is a good idea to spruce up a home that is beginning to feel dated or update a house that is less than eco-conscious.

Knowing what you can do on your own and knowing what to hand over to a professional can help you to save a great deal of money. A redecoration can have the same effect as a renovation at a fraction of the cost. Checking in with a professional beforehand can also help you to know if decorating or fixing is needed.

Exposed pipes can look retro and cool with some metallic paint, but if they look worn down or rattle too much, you might need a plumber to replace them. Replacing roof tiles can help a house look fresh and attractive, but it is best to have a company in to replace the undercoating before installing the new pipes.

Painting the walls and installing new porch lights do not need a contractor’s approval and can easily be done by yourself with help from family. You can also rent a pressure washer and clean the driveway, walkways, and deck by yourself. Make a list of what you would like to improve to know whether you can do it yourself or if it’s time to get a quote.

Plan the Redecoration

Make a cohesive plan for the redecoration of the entire house. Start with the big picture plan and then apply it to each room individually. This will help to keep the look of the house cohesive and avoid a jarring feeling. As each room takes shape, you will be better motivated to continue with the redecoration as well.

Deep Clean

This must always be your first step when making any drastic changes to your house. It will help you see the issues better, identify problem areas that will require more work, and identify what you can keep or adapt to your new plan.

Cleaning up the house also makes it easier to get the workmen if you have to remodel any areas. This cleaning will also make it easier to separate the furniture and décor items you want to keep over the ones you need to replace to suit your aesthetic.

Paint the Ceiling and Trim


The ceiling of your home may feel like an afterthought area, but it has been described as the 5th wall of any room. The new look of your home is not complete without painting the ceiling. Choose a calming color to set off the wall color and provide a soothing even effect for your eyes to look at when you lie down.

The trim must also be painted. You can paint them the same color as the walls for cohesiveness, but some prefer to paint them the same color as the ceiling. Others will paint the ceiling and walls the same color while painting the trim differently to provide framing.

If this is too expensive for you at this time, you might want to paint everything white. White is often the most inexpensive paint color and can help a house look fresh and new. It is also good for hiding imperfections in the walls and ceilings. If you eventually decide to paint with a different color, white will help show off its brightness.

Clean Up the Wallpaper

Wallpaper has a short shelf life, and it may be time to use it more strategically. Remove the old wallpaper and paint the walls instead. Use an attractive wallpaper just on the wall your bed is against to serve as a large but subtle bed board replacement.

Living rooms can also be updated by using wallpaper to make a statement wall. Choose a pattern or print that sets off the paint color of the remaining walls to create an aesthetically attractive contrast.

There are also wall stickers that are designed for the kitchen to serve as a backsplash. These are easy to wipe clean and can be applied similarly to wallpaper. Choose similar shades for the living room and kitchen wallpapers to preserve a sense of cohesiveness.

You can replace your front door with something more ornate for the dramatic effect or update it to one with a smart lock for security. Either way, it will help to upgrade the curb appeal of your home. If you are happy with your door but want it to look better, you can consider painting it to get a fresh look. An attractive border or a new brass door lock or knocker can also help make the door look attractive.

Within the house, you may want to try something more drastic. Consider removing the doors between rooms in the living areas. Widen the doorways into arches, and you will be amazed by how open and inviting this makes your home feel.

Allow your family members the freedom to change their bedroom doors to match their tastes for a fun and quirky look in the upstairs landing. Give them your chosen paint as the base color of the wall and add stickers or wreaths or artwork as they please. This will make your home fun and welcoming to your family while still allowing you to have the updated feel of your redecoration.

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