Healthy Activities to Keep a New Mom’s Body Fit After Giving Birth

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Giving birth might have been the most stressful time in your life, and you might be looking for something to do right after this time, aside from taking care of your baby. Now, don’t reach out to that tub of ice cream in your fridge because there are so many more healthy activities you can do during your maternal leave that can keep your body fit and ready for work. Here are some healthy activities you can do right after giving birth to prepare you back to your normal routine.


Yoga is a healthy postpartum exercise that doesn’t demand a lot from your body. Since it is considered a low-intensity exercise, you can do it right after getting home from the hospital. Just make sure to check in with your doctor first before doing it, as there might be some positions in yoga that might not be safe, especially if you just gave birth through a c-section.

Yoga has been known to alleviate the stress and depression that most mothers feel right after giving birth. It’s easy to do and does not require a lot of movement from your body. So if you’re still feeling sore, this is the best exercise for you. However, a small room inside your home can be too hot and too small for yoga.

Doing it right outside your home on a custom deck can ensure that you have enough space to move. It also ensures that you are comfortable enough to stretch your body. You can also add a swimming pool to your deck if you want to cool off right after yoga. Swimming is a good exercise to do after yoga, and it’s also a great activity you can do during the summer. It’s also safe enough to do for mothers that gave birth naturally.

Yoga should be on top of your list of activities to do right after you give birth. It can put your body back into its natural rhythm, and if you’re planning to go back to work, it’ll prepare you for that as well. Make sure you do it for at least a couple of minutes every day to ensure that you get the maximum benefits out of it.


If you had a c-section giving birth, you’re not allowed to do most physical activities for a while. This is to protect the stitches you have from opening up. However, you can do some low-intensity exercises to keep yourself fit right after a c-section, and one of those activities is walking.

Walking is a low-intensity exercise that can prevent constipation and promote blood clots in your body. You can do it around your home or just down the block. However, you mustn’t push yourself too hard when you do this activity. Concentrate on putting your body in rhythm at first. Being in bed right after your C-section might have made your legs weaker than it was before, so it’s important that you can get them used to walk.

Walk for a couple of minutes every day to improve healing in your incision. It’s also the safest way for you to return your body to its natural rhythm. So do it as much as possible, but always remember not to push yourself too hard.


relaxing yoga

Another low-intensity exercise that is safe for mothers that went through a c-section is meditation. This is a key self-awareness exercise, especially if you’re feeling the symptoms of postpartum depression. It keeps you optimistic and alleviates both the anxiety and depression you might be feeling due to hormonal imbalances in your body.

Meditation is something you should be doing before and after birth. It’s a great self-awareness exercise to recognize the feelings you might have bottled up inside. Most mothers experience multiple moods, emotions, and feelings before and after giving birth, and this particular exercise allows you to address these feelings. It will also keep you in a state of calmness if you’re feeling angry due to biological circumstances. Furthermore, this activity can keep your life in order if you’re feeling disorganized due to the big changes in your life. It’s great for preparing your future life as a mother and a great alone time for yourself.

The days you have after giving birth are usually the hardest times of motherhood. However, after you’ve given yourself some time to do the activities listed above, you can handle whatever may come your way. So do the healthy activities we have listed to prepare yourself for exciting and wonderful days of motherhood.

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