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Can You Travel When You Have No Money?

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Traveling equals money. And money, unfortunately, is hard to come by. Everyone wants to see the world, but not everyone has the financial capacity to do it. Unless, of course, you can do it for free. Is that possible? Can you see the world without spending a dime? Can you experience new cultures and traditions for free? Yes, it is possible to travel and see the world for free. You need to be ingenious, innovative, resourceful, low-maintenance, and above all, industrious. The world is yours for the taking, then.

Become a Travel Vlogger

First, invest in traveling and vlogging right now. You need to visit new places (even local ones) and blog about them. You need to gain new followers and engage with them. Once travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, and many others see that you have enough influence over your followers, they will offer to have you as a guest of their resorts and hotels all-expenses-paid.

Get a Job Overseas

The most practical way of seeing the world is to get a job overseas. Do you want to experience Dubai? It’s an open city that welcomes foreign workers. Find a job that will suit your needs and experience living in this new world. You can also look for a job that will send you to different parts of the world.

Use Your Credit Card Points

Are you an avid shopper? You have probably racked up enough points to get a free airplane ticket and accommodation. Look for a credit card promotion that will give you enough rewards points. Be smart with how you use your credit card. Don’t spend your points on unimportant things. Save them and use them for big items such as free hotel accommodation in your destination country. Some five-star hotels in Singapore would accept rewards points as payment.

Take up a House-sitting Job

You know about babysitting and pet-sitting, but do you know about house sitting? Homeowners sometimes need other people to watch over their houses while they are away. Some house-sitting jobs take weeks and sometimes even months. You get free boarding, and the homeowners will even pay you. You just need to water the plants and care for their pets. How hard can that be? Some house-sitting jobs will be offered to local residents, but some want house sitters from outside the state.

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Participate in a Home Exchange Program

Have you watched the movie The Holiday? You can swap homes with another person. You’ll get free lodging in a different country. This is cheaper, of course, than staying at a luxury hotel or even an ordinary Airbnb. A home exchange program is a win-win situation for both of you. There are many home exchange websites that you can sign up for.

Teach English Abroad

An easy way to get a job abroad is to teach English (that is if English is your first language). These positions are always in demand. Even high school students can teach English abroad. Most of these gigs will travel and shoulder your travel and living expenses. Of course, you need a certificate proving that you can teach English to non-English speakers, but that’s easy to earn when you take up short courses.

Volunteer in NGOs

There are a lot of non-government and non-profit organizations operating globally. You can volunteer for these organizations. You will help people and travel the world at the same time. These organizations usually have regional and local chapters. You can work your way up from a local chapter and then eventually to the global headquarters if you prove your mettle. Non-government organizations work like companies, too. They measure your contributions and offer you posts depending on what you bring to the organization.

Work Seasonal Jobs

Examples of seasonal jobs are camp counseling and travel guide. You can travel the world as an adventure guide, offering your services to a group of tourists who do not have the time to organize their own itineraries. They will have to pay for your expenses and pay you separately for the service of touring them. Of course, this also means that you have to be in the know of the different places they want to visit.

It’s possible to experience the world without needing to be a multi-millionaire. There are a lot of options if you truly put your heart to it. Whether it’s taking on odd jobs, volunteering, or racking up rewards points, there’s nothing like seeing the world with nary a dime to worry about. So, get yourself ready and plan for your free travels in the future.

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