Must-See Cities in England After the Pandemic

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Many people are looking forward to the day when the pandemic is over. A lot of them are hoping to go on a big vacation when the time comes. While various countries make for ideal places to go, a popular travel destination that people are hoping for is England. There are many things that the country can offer when it is finally safe.   Here is a list of the best cities you should visit when you come to England for your vacation:


The first city you should be traveling to is London. Visiting England without a stop at London will make you miss a lot of the charms of the country. It is a great melting pot of cultures and has a lot to offer. Visit the museums and attend the shows to have a taste of what the city has to offer. Look for cheap and accessible accommodation to start with your travel plans. Thanks to its location, you can make London the home base of your England trip and use the great transport links of the country to take you to the right places.


Bath is one of the often-overlooked cities in England. It is named after the city’s most notable feature, the Roman-era baths where people have been going to relax for hundreds of years. A noted spa town, it was a major destination for many who sought the healing waters of the area. But there are other great locations like the Royal Crescent, which is an architectural marvel with a lovely garden. There is even the local delicacy of the buns at Sally Lunn’s.


Anyone who has wanted a quality higher education has heard of Cambridge. Best-known as a university town, the city has a lot to offer to a discerning traveler. History lovers and scholarly tourists will love touring the thirty colleges in the area. Libraries and museums are all over the place. Besides that, the place also has some wonderful restaurants to please your palate.


If you are visiting Cambridge, then you should also drop by at its rival city of Oxford. This place is even more old-school than Cambridge. If you want to get an English scholarship, this is the place to be. Along with all the libraries and museums, the place is also very relaxing with its river boating.


Brighton is England’s seaside resort town. It is also incredibly close to London. You can stay in London then have a day trip to this colorful place. An entire day is not enough to experience all the offerings though so you might consider going back. The real treat is that there are dozens of great places to eat here and you can enjoy the brisk seaside atmosphere. There is also the seaside amusement park which should occupy some of your time.



Hometown of the fabled football team, Manchester is also the fifth-largest in England. Many people call it the capital of the north and it is a perfect place to experience the culture. If anything, the place is the home of some outstanding bands which gives the city a great musical legacy.


Another well-known football town, Liverpool is also known as the hometown of the Beatles. The great thing about the city is it is a perfectly walkable city. It might require two days but walking around here lets you see all the great sights. The Royal Albert Dock is a highlight and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The walled city of York is a historical city that has a lot to offer tourists. A trip to explore the many ruins and historical buildings can be a big attraction. The highlight is the York Minster, a cathedral that has been around for more than a thousand years. It also has the interesting JORVIK Viking Center, where people can experience Viking life first hand.


England loves its port cities and Newcastle is another good example. The city has been around for 2,000 years, with the Romans founding the initial settlement. It is the perfect launch point for any tour of the Northumberland coast, which is full of castles and even part of a Roman wall. The city also has great nightlife for those who want a more modern experience.

While there are no big beaches to sunbathe at, there are still many things you can enjoy in England. From the various theater productions to the historic locations, a vacation to England is for the cultured traveler who wants something more than mindless fun.

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