8 Underrated Tourist Destinations Australia That You Should Check Out

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With all the travel bans the pandemic has caused, many people are eagerly anticipating the day when they can plan trips and go on vacations. On any trip, sightseeing and doing other touristy things is a must even if you’re just visiting family or on a business trip. And while most people would go to typical tourist attractions and landmarks, there are a lot more things that different places have to offer other than the usual spots.

If you’re in Australia or planning a trip to the Land Down Under, we have a few places we would like to recommend that offer the best the country has to offer sans the flock of tourists.

Australia is a beautiful continent filled with amazing sights and sounds. From globally recognized landmarks to local hot spots, you will never run out of outstanding sites to visit and fun things to do. With commercial complexes and parks with sprawling lawns of Kikuyu grass to organized tours, the only thing you’ll complain about is not having enough time to go see everything. And while it’s always grand to see the Sydney Opera House or Ayers Rock, here are a few underrated tourist spots in Oz:


South Australia’s largest city, Adelaide, has a lot of traditional touristy things to offer such as visits to museums and galleries and food hunts in the Central Market, and outstanding restaurants. On top of all that, it also boasts of large festivals such as the Adelaide Fringe, and events like Adelaide 500 Supercars.

Black Spur Drive

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Black Spur Drive before but it is one of Oz’s best little roads. It snakes its way along 27 kilometers through a huge forest filled with Mountain Ash trees in the Yarra Ranges. The trees, though called Mountain Ash, are really Eucalyptus and are only second to North America’s great Redwoods in height.


Bruny Island

While this premiere Tasmanian destination has plenty of natural beauty and splendor to offer, it wasn’t until the 1920s that it became an Australian holiday destination. In most recent years, it has evolved into a foodie destination when Bruny Island Cheese Company was established in 2003. With a berry farm, a drive-thru oyster bar, chocolate shop, vineyard, island honey, and Whisky Bar, foodies from all over will surely have a memorable time on the island.

Cape Leveque

Give yourself a well-deserved gift by treating yourself to a trip down to Cape Leveque in the Dampier Peninsula. The road going there may be less than ideal (you will need a 4-wheeler for this) but the trip is well worth it when you see the most picturesque color palette any beach has to offer. White sands, deep blue waters, and a red cliff that shines brightly in the afternoon sun, truly is a sight to behold.

Humpty Doo

If you’re looking for an authentic Aussie outback experience, the small town of Humpty Doo is the place to be. Located in the Northern Territory, Humpty Doo is a 40-kilometer journey from Darwin. It is surrounded by red soil as far as the eyes can see. You can enjoy a Jumping Crocodile Cruise or visit the Adelaide River.

Mount Gambier

Australia’s second-largest city, Mount Gambier, is the midway point between Adelaide and Melbourne. It is the best place for a pit stop when driving on the Great Ocean Road. Since it stands on a region that was once covered with volcanoes a long time ago, you’ll find several caves under the city and the Blue Lake in the crater of a dormant volcano.


The city of Newcastle lies two hours away from Sydney on the East Coast. The city has quite a notorious background as it was where the most vicious criminals were sent to work the coal mines. On top of its historical relevance, it is also laden with beautiful beaches, including Nobbys Beach where the famous Nobbys Lighthouse stands.

Port Macquarie

Last but definitely not least, Port Macquarie is one of the best summer destinations in the country but is often overlooked for some unknown reason. It has 15 beaches where there are lots of fun things to do including going on a camel ride along the beach. Now that right there’s a unique beach experience you won’t find anywhere else.

We hope that you find this list useful for your trip to Australia. It’s never too early to make plans for your next holiday.

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