Putting the Fun in Functional: 12 Garage and Basement Conversion Ideas

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There’s more to a garage and a basement than just a space to park your vehicles and store your junk in, respectively. You can convert them into something a lot more creative and utilitarian, especially if your home is a tad smaller than you’d like.

Here are some of the best things to convert your garage into:

1. Home Office

Almost everyone is working remotely nowadays because of the pandemic. An office is a welcome addition to a home. This allows them to have a dedicated space to be as productive as they can be as they work from home.

2. Home Gym

With fitness clubs and gyms operating at minimum capacity, health buffs prefer to do home workouts instead. Proof of this is the amount of fitness equipment sold online since the pandemic started. A lot of folks have started to live healthier to boost their immune systems and exercise is one of the most effective ways they are doing this.

3. Man Cave/She Shed

Basements and garages make for ideal man caves and she sheds. Every man and woman deserves to have a Fortress of Solitude to retreat to for rest and relaxation after a long and exhausting day. With a little sprucing up and the right theme, it can be your own personal oasis at home to escape reality albeit temporarily.

4. Workshop

For those who are fond of tinkering with all sorts of stuff, turning a garage or basement into a workshop is the most logical thing you can do. You can work on whatever craft you’re into, such as woodwork, metalwork, and other similar stuff that will get your hands dirty. Of course, you should not forget to buy a heavy-duty 2-post car lift so that you can maximize the space and move freely in your garage.

5. Arts and Crafts Room

While arts and crafts can also be done in a workshop, we feel that it deserves its own space. It requires a small space compared to a full workshop so you can still use your garage to park your car in or your basement to store stuff in. You’ll just be taking up a small corner. That is unless you want to go all out with it.

6. Dance or Vlog Studio

It’s the digital age and a lot of young adults are into creating content for their social. Some like to create vlogs and other types of video content for their YouTube channel while others want to keep fit through dance, especially with TikTok making a lot of noise among young people nowadays.

7. Lounge

Having a place to crash into and just chill with family and friends is always a great thing to have. You just need to clean the space up, spruce it up a bit, and have a few couches and a mini-bar and you’re all set. Plenty of great lounge ideas are available online. You can always check some of them out for more inspiration.

8. Multimedia Room

Although some theaters are already operational, even if it’s just at 50% capacity, most of us miss watching movies with family and friends. If you’re not yet keen on leaving your home, why don’t you convert your basement or garage into a home theater that also doubles as a multimedia room? This is the perfect place to Netflix and chill.

9. Music Room

For music lovers, the most logical choice to turn a garage or basement into would be a music studio. You can have an awesome set-up like a sound engineer’s booth or you can have a more modest arrangement with just enough to get your music fix. You might just have to invest in padding the room to have better acoustics but the investment will be totally worth it.

10. Children’s Playroom

kid playing a videogame

So far all we’ve seen are things most adults can enjoy, but what about families that have younger children? We understand that it can be frustrating to work remotely and manage a home with all sorts of toys and kiddie clutter lying around. Creating a playroom solely for them will definitely help contain their mess in one room and lighten your load around the house.

11. Guest Room

While having guests come for sleepovers is still not recommended, you can start preparing for it as early as now by converting your garage or basement into an additional bedroom. This not only ensures that your guests’ stay will be comfy and cozy but also increases your property’s market value.

12. Hobby Room

Most people have hobbies and interests that help them destress and keep them productive outside work. Having a room dedicated to your hobby allows you to get lost in your hobby and grow in it. Hobbies, contrary to what most people think, are an important part of maintaining good mental health. It is not a waste of time. Dabbing in a hobby helps keep a person grounded.

At this point, making use of every unused space around the house is the most practical thing to do. Browse online or ask the experts for other brilliant suggestions on garage and basement conversions.

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