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Most Common Family Illnesses

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Keeping everyone in your family healthy is a paramount concern. Just one member of the family gets sick and everyone becomes worried. Finances are compromised and stress levels shoot up.

Just like women’s health benefits such as access to reproductive health education and services, families also need to enjoy similar benefits from local, state, and federal governments.

But notwithstanding such aid, families have the primary duty of ensuring that every member is in the pink of health and fully aware of looking after oneself to prevent and find a cure for most illnesses.

Here are some of the most common family illnesses and how you can avoid or address them:

Sore Throat, Common Cold, Cough, and Flu

These Big Four are some of the most common illnesses that affect millions of people each year. In fact, it would be strange for you or your family members not to experience any of these illnesses at any given year.

The common cold can be usually cured by taking over-the-counter medicines and drinking plenty of fluid. Cough can also be addressed in a similar way, as well as sore throat (or you might consider drinking turmeric tea for a soothing effect). There are flu vaccines available but you may also take medicines and have plenty of rest to help the body recover.

Common allergies

Common allergies are widely varied but the most common symptoms include runny nose, rashes, and breathing difficulty. Some allergies fade away after a few minutes while some can be fatal if not immediately and properly addressed.

There are types of allergies caused by the food one eats (like nuts and seafood) or due to environmental pollutants like dust and animal hair.

In the case of food-related allergies, one has to be careful when eating by asking about its ingredients to see if there’s something that triggers an allergic reaction. Meanwhile, allergies due to pollutants can be prevented by wearing a facemask or refraining from handling objects with fine dust or animals that shed hair.

Heart diseases

heart problem

Just like allergies, heart diseases come in different forms: hypertension, heart attack, heart arrhythmia, and heart failure. In many cases, regular check-ups and doctor visits can help in the early detection of heart diseases, so the doctor can give proper medication. It would also be helpful if the individual will adopt a proper diet and have regular exercise to burn fats and make the heart stronger.

You or any family member with a particularly serious heart ailment could also undergo an operation to prevent a debilitating or fatal heart attack. The key is to consult with a medical professional for proper advice.


Diabetes is one common family illness that could lead to different complications such as hypertension, stroke, kidney diseases, and eye complications. It can be diagnosed with a simple finger prick procedure, in which the blood sample is analyzed to determine the sugar level in one’s blood.

Type 2 diabetes can be cured or managed through proper diet and exercise, oral medications, and insulin intake. Meanwhile, Type 1 diabetes is solely treated with insulin.


It’s important to highlight one of the most common causes of suicides, which is also one of the most neglected conditions that affect teens and adults. Depression is caused by a lot of factors, including a traumatic experience and hormonal imbalance. Common symptoms include melancholy, withdrawal from interpersonal interactions, and difficulty sleeping.

This silent killer can be treated with medicines, having enough sleep, and proper counseling from professionals. It’s also important that parents talk to children, especially when signs of depression are observed.

Our health is our greatest treasure. Consult a family doctor or other health care service providers if anyone in your family experiences any of the above illnesses.

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