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2020 Interior Design Trends for Home Update

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Designing interior spaces can be difficult for an ordinary person who does not have the eye or skill to choose the right components. It is more than just arranging furniture and other things you could possibly need. Getting a good designer who can interpret what a client wants for their space is necessary most of the time.

Interior design is the practice of creating aesthetically pleasing environments through the use of various materials and furniture with high regard for space. Every bit of element that goes into a design of a room is carefully thought of and planned. The texture, color, size, and function of every detail are taken into consideration. An interior design specifically goes to various styles as a reference to create a cohesive look and to portray the taste of their clients. In Highland, interior design firms take care of the planning, research, coordination, and management of projects for the convenience of their clients.

Update interiors for 2020

There are people who want to update the look of their house as often as possible, and why not if they have the budget. This is where interior designers are tasked to create spaces that a client would want. Interior design trends come and go, but there are staple pieces that surpass time and style. Knowing that the year is almost at its end, design styles will change. Here are some of the interior design trends for 2020 that you may want to consider:

  1. Boucle

Boucle is a woven fabric made from wool or yarn, which comes in a variety of colors. Upholstered furniture pieces using this fabric is going to be big next year. It is cozy, and the texture of this fabric is fantastic, which is sure to liven out drab living space.

  1. Palm images

Green is not only going to be seen in houseplants next year, but it can also be a statement by using palm patterns and images. It can be used on wallpaper, or have embroidered pillows with palm leaves as accent pieces for living spaces. Palm imagery creates a natural and warm atmosphere that makes a room feel tropical and organic.

woman with plants in her living room

  1. Layered landscapes

An alternating scale and height in furniture pieces create a layer in a room. Matching colors and pieces of a couch can be dull, so why not change it up a bit by pairing sofas with an armchair of different height and a lighter shade of color? Side and coffee tables can be changed up too, avoiding a matching style with uniform colors can make the layers pop out.

  1. Experiential design

A design that can engage all senses is great, and clients need to be immersed in the space without overwhelming them. Feeling the entirety of space beyond function is good by incorporating patterns, colors, and textures that are working together to define a space. Having an experiential space is more than having tactile pieces. There should be items that draw and fulfills visual stimulus, as there should be items that evoke the elements of sound.

  1. Natural textiles

Having area rugs made from natural textiles can elevate a space massively. They bring in the sense of earthiness and simplicity. Not only is it applicable in carpets, but it can also be used in draperies, upholstery, and other elements that can use fabrics. Textiles like wool, cotton, linen, and alpaca are preferred because they last for a long time and is sustainable.

Interior design is essential to create a mood and to define the spaces, especially in homes, because it is our sanctuary. Having a cohesive and serene atmosphere can have significant effects on clients, and interior designers are good at making spaces livable.

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