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Keep Your Home in Great Condition With a Maintenance Checklist

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When you own a house, you become more aware of how hard it is to keep it in a livable condition. The elements and other factors conspire to damage your house on a constant basis. It is a testament to how well-built homes can be to stand up to such a punishment. Only regular maintenance can keep it in a livable state. However, it can be hard to keep track of everything.   That is why you should maintain a checklist of what exactly needs to be repaired and maintained in your household. Here are some tips on what to add to that checklist and how to properly organize it:

Classify Everything Into Three Timeframes

The first thing you need to do when creating your checklist is to organize it. There should be three separate timeframes for your maintenance efforts. These are weekly, monthly, and yearly. Weekly checks are the maintenance tasks that need to be done but are also easy to do. Monthly tasks are a bit more difficult but are not too urgent. Finally, yearly checks are usually done on some parts of your home, which do not need much maintenance.

Seasonal Repairs

Your house can be surprisingly fragile at times. There are parts of your home that suffer damage after a particular season, usually due to the weather. For example, after winter, it is often a good idea to have the drainage pipes checked. The cold might have caused them to contract and crack.

Damaged drains can lead to water damage when the rains come during the summer. If you don’t have the time to check and repair them yourself, you can hire professional handyman services in Chesapeake, VA and other nearby areas.

Cleaning Duties

Letting dirt and grime accumulate in your house is a no-no. Besides making your home look bad, it is a safety hazard and can lead to further problems. Additionally, cleaning some things are essential. For example, there are various filters in your house that need to be cleaned out or replaced. Additionally, appliances will need cleaning on a regular basis, whether it should be monthly or yearly depends on you.


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You should also take care to inspect your house on a regular basis. Schedule them on your checklist so that you can dedicate time to the inspection. You will be looking for damage to your house and other specific problems. You might also want to look for pest infestations so that you can call in the exterminators if necessary.

Use Things

There are items in your home that need to be used to ensure that they are functioning. Schedule at least monthly use to ensure that they are still in good condition. For example, you might have pipes in your plumbing that does not get any use. Use them on a schedule to make sure they are still working.

A house has a wide variety of things to maintain. For busy homeowners, ensuring that everything is in great shape can be confusing. That is why the checklist above can be a big help in keeping track of what needs to be done and you should start on one now. With a good checklist, you know what to do every week, month, and year when it comes to your home’s needs.

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