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Find Your Voice: Making Advocacy a Part of Your Lifestyle

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Advocacy does not ask too much of us. The people and institutions in need of aid and assistance want to work with people who care. If you are a private person, you do not have to choose a form of giving back that requires you to take center stage. Anonymous donations and peeling vegetables in the back of the soup kitchen are ways you can help many people while maintaining your privacy. But, this only applies to people who do prefer to take a step back from the spotlight.

A person who is called to the spotlight and can manage attention well can also give back some significant ways to vulnerable groups. Many organizations and NGOs are happy to form partnerships for advocacy opportunities, whether this takes the form of a donation drive or a signup booth at a fair/carnival.

The important thing is to make sure that you connect with the people in charge of the organization to understand their needs and boundaries. Some organizations want to protect the identity of their members and will not allow photos or videos. Others want people to interact with their members freely. Finding the right fit for you will help you to see that giving back is not only a joy but does not need any extra effort from you. It can slot into your day or week without much fuss.

Volunteer Online

This does not require you even to leave your home. Some organizations want people to read the content they post and then share it with others. They made delightful videos, listicles, or infographics which are easy to read and understand but contain necessary information.

Make it a point to share content from organizations you believe in on your social media pages. It is a passive way to spread information, but you never know who could be helped by educating people in this non-confrontational and pleasant manner.

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Donate to a Cause

Donations do not always have to be monetary gifts. You can donate dry goods and canned food to soup kitchens. Shelters welcome clothing, shoes, blankets, and sanitary products.

Nowadays, some organizations are trying to reduce the environmentally harmful effects of certain types of rubbish. They will happily take tattered clothing, plastic, and old electronics to be cleaned and repurposed. This is better than adding to already overfilled garbage dumps.

Some organizations accept old laptops and computers, which they then refurbish and restore. If they can be repaired in any way, they will do so and use them to help underprivileged children become computer-literate. This is an especially profound cause as the at-home schooling due to the pandemic has revealed how many young students are without the means to continue schooling at home due to a lack of the needed devices.

Shop Right

There are numerous online shops and organizations to connect with that sell products that use environmentally conscious materials. These products cover a wide range, and you can find almost everything you would need for your daily life. Buying these products helps keep a necessary service functioning, and using the products will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

People can buy ethically sourced coffee beans, environmentally conscious portable water bottles, clothing made from sustainable material or reused fibers, biodegradable plastic bags, and detergent and cleaning fluids that will not harm the environment.

For the rest of the items that you cannot get from an ethical local vendor, look to use apps that donate to charity. With some light research, you can find apps that you would enjoy using where the purchase of the app or in-app purchases will donate money to worthy causes. Yoga Studio and Procreate are two apps that donate a portion of proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund.

One of the most significant things you could ever donate is life. Sign up to be an organ donor and begin donating blood a few times a year. You can never know the lives you save and change with such a generous gift. Blood donations from one person can save up to three lives a year. If you have a rare blood type, you could be the difference between a person’s survival or demise.

By becoming an organ donor, you guarantee that your last act on Earth will be one of generosity and courage. Depending on the condition of your organs, you could save up to a half dozen lives.

Even if only one organ goes to one other person, it is still an incredible impression to make on someones’ life. A blind person could see again because of you. A heart could beat in someone’s chest and allow them to see their children grow. The lives you save will allow you to go on as well, in such a meaningful way. You will touch the lives of all who knew you with your selfless act and maybe even inspire more people to donate and save more lives.

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