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Wild Homes of Athletes

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As we all know, being an athlete is far from easy. Ever since they were children, they have been working hard already for their careers. When we were busy playing with dollhouses and scanning through picture books, some of our friends are already hard at work with training in basketball, swimming, tennis, etc. And then, all of that hard work would only intensify as they grow older. Before they knew it, a lot had been riding on their career in sports—college scholarships and jobs so that they could earn their keep.

But all of that hard work pays off, though. Today, being a world-class athlete means that they are among the highest-paid workers in any industry. And one of the best ways to enjoy their success is through the investments that make for their home. They splurge on practical features, from a powerful home generator to a resilient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. But they also splurge on things purely for enjoyment. These are some of the wildest homes of athletes.

Michael Jordan’s Chicago Home

It’s no surprise that when this National Basketball Association (NBA) legend wanted to settle down somewhere, he would choose Chicago, Illinois, the city that made him a legend in his career. The fruits of his success can be seen in Michael Jordan’s mansion, which spans 56 thousand square feet. The size of his mansion is quite impressive. But the mansion already has some of the most interesting features.

For example, the infinity pool has a grass island in the middle of it. He also has a door that was originally installed in the famed Playboy Mansion. Apart from that, he has a table that was based on the streets of Baghdad. But one of the most important features of the house is privacy — which is guaranteed by the long drive surrounded by massive trees from the gate to the front door.

Unfortunately, Jordan has put this house on the market a few years ago. But nevertheless, it stands proof of his successes as a basketball player.

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Shaquille O’Neal’s Orlando Home

Much like Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal built his career and made his legacy in NBA. And he reaped the rewards of his hardwood by having a mega-mansion built in Orlando, Florida. His home spans about 31 thousand square feet. The mansion houses 12 bedrooms and a couple of more rooms for recreation and other purposes.

Because he’s also a basketball legend, it is not at all surprising that he has his personal basketball court inside the house. But what’s truly surprising, though, is that his garage really operates as a showroom where that can fit more than 17 cars. Another wild feature in the home is the bed that stretches about 30 feet—perfect for his tall stature. Again, much like Jordan, O’Neal put this mansion on the market. What’s great is that anyone who can afford this house can enjoy the perks that O’Neal had already built.

Serena Williams’ Miami Home

In the world of tennis, there is one person that immediately comes to people’s minds. And that is Serena Williams. She has been ruling the tennis court ever since she was a child who first picked up a tennis racket. Since then, she has been building her career and legacy. And to enjoy the rewards that she deserved for working hard, she created a very beautiful and cozy home in the heart of Miami, Florida.

Like the previously mentioned artists, we would expect Williams to have a tennis court at home so that her skills wouldn’t get rusty even at home. But no, she didn’t have one. She told Architecture Digest, “I wanted to separate home from work. I love being at home.” What she does have, though, is, surprisingly, a karaoke room. Named as the “Sérénade Karaoke” room, she and her family bond here in their free time — the Williams family is, after all, a huge fan of this pastime. Another cool feature is that this karaoke room is concealed behind a bookcase, which is reminiscent of the prohibition era when such recreational places were banned by the government.

Williams also has an infinity pool, which is perfect for all the relaxations that she needed after a busy tennis season.

Knowing how these athletes built their houses will show us how we, too, can have such a beautiful—and even outrageous—home if we work hard in our careers. Yes, working hard isn’t the only they had, but it certainly is the first step towards it.

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