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Make a Haven for Relaxation by Beautifying Your Backyard

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The backyard of your home is like a little slice of green that is all your own. But the busy lives we lead have not allowed many of us to give it much attention. With the new social distancing rules that require us to spend most of our time at home, we can begin to put our garden dreams into action.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, then all you really need is to add some pool toys and a barbecue and your fun backyard is complete. For added peace of mind, you can employ cleaning services from Poolsmith Technologies. They use organic cleaning products that are non-toxic and natural. This ensures that constant pool usage will not present a problem for the health of your family.

A garden backyard can be transformed into a relaxing haven as well. Make sure that you know exactly what you want by scrolling through pictures of different garden set-ups. The process of organizing the remodeling will be much easier when you have a clear picture in mind.

Clear the Space

A backyard that you have not used regularly is sure to be a bit overgrown. Mow the grass and clear all the weeds to help you understand what you have to work with.

Understanding the type of soil and your yard’s exact size is an important step in preparing plans to transform it. Once you can clearly see the layout of your yard, measure it well. Use this information when you are looking up yard designs and garden layouts. It will help ensure that you pick a design that works for the type of yard you have.

Some garden items such as fountains or lawn furniture will end up making a small backyard feel crowded. Proper measurements will help you know if the items you like will add to your garden’s atmosphere or take away from it.

Pick a Direction

Choosing a direction to orient your lawn furniture and garden decor towards is important if you have a view or a narrow backyard. You are very lucky if you have a backyard with a view as this makes the whole process easier. Orient the furniture to take full advantage of the view.

Trim hedges and replant trees that block the view. Consider adding a patio to the back of your house. The patio’s added height will allow you to take in the view better and give a solid ground for the lawn furniture.

If you do not have a view and are working with a narrow backyard, you will need to create a focal point. The focal point must be away from the house to give you and your family a different view in both directions.

Decorating the Focal Point

The item or decoration you place in this focal point should mirror the purpose of remodeling your backyard. Do you want a relaxing space? Then consider a pond or a small fountain.

Do you want a release for yourself? Install a small wooden stage where you can meditate and do yoga?   Maybe you want to give your children a space to work out their excess energy? A trampoline or a sandbox is a great addition to the backyard that your children can enjoy and you can participate in as well.

The Advantages of a Patio

A patio is like an additional outdoor room to your house. It is an extension to your home, which you can decorate to become your outdoor family room or entertaining space. Some people do not enjoy the feel of their lawn furniture sinking into the loam of the garden. A patio allows you to enjoy the outdoors without having to step into the soil.

There are many ways you can decorate a patio. Wooden bench sets on one end with a barbecue set up on the other make for a great outdoor dining space. A built-in outdoor barbecue and oven give you an even greater range of items you can cook and will be a great focal point for parties. A fire pit in the middle with comfortable seating arranged around it is wonderful for relaxing with family while making s’mores.

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A patio gives you a strong and even base for setting up an outdoor play area for small children. You can keep an eye on them much more easily. Having a space away from the garden area guarantees that they will not get stung by ants or stumble into any plants that may be an irritant for sensitive skin. It is also a good way to keep small curious hands away from your herb garden and tomato plants.

Not having a green thumb or enough space for a patio is no reason to despair either. You can install a hot tub and still end up with a delightfully relaxing backyard. Everyone enjoys a hot tub. Set up a shady overhang so you can enjoy the hot tub during the cold winter months as well. There is nothing like staying warm and comfy while watching a gentle snowfall.

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