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8 Quick Facelift Projects for Your Home Right Now

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f you’re planning to give your home a quick and easy facelift soon, you should consider some options that will give it that aesthetically-improved aura without taking too much time to complete. This is because a long-haul project will not only cost you more in labor hours but will also mean you’re not going to enjoy your improved home soon.

Here are eight quick facelifts that you can have for your home:

A new house number.

If you think that your current house number is already outdated or visually unappealing, then you must take it off and install a new one. This is a quick project that you can finish in a day or two, provided that you’ll tap a contractor that can do laser engraving of your house number on a material of your choice.

This engraving process works on glass, metal, wood, plastic, leather, acrylic, and even paper — which only means you don’t have any valid reason not to have the perfect material for your new house number. Just make sure that the font and size of the number, plus the material you’ll choose will perfectly complement your home’s dominant design and architecture to guarantee a great look.

New paint for the house.

Oftentimes, all it takes to make a house look brand new and better looks-wise is to repaint it from the inside out. Whether you want to do it as a mini DIY project or you prefer to just hire a professional contractor to do the hard work for you, it’s a facelift that would require a few days to one or two weeks. The length would depend on the total space that needs to be painted, plus the time needed to make the lingering scent of the paint go away.

Outdoor lighting.

Your outdoor area should be adequately lit at night to ward off potential intruders, make it safe for everyone to walk around, and bring out the beauty of the landscape. As such, one of the quick ways to give your yard that standout appeal once darkness falls is to invest in outdoor lighting to highlight the different focal points in your property.

These areas would include your walkway, outer walls, trees, and other outdoor features and amenities such as the pool or patio. Just make sure to hire a licensed landscape lighting specialist to ensure the best results.

Wall claddings.

Wall claddings are decorative products that are placed on top of walls, canopies, facades, and columns to serve both decorative and practical purposes. You can buy different claddings made of materials such as wood, brick, vinyl, and even metal, whichever suit your desired effects. By covering the various surfaces in your property with claddings (also called sidings), you can achieve protection for the main material on which the claddings are added, plus you’ll give your property a quick makeover to make it pop visually.

Custom cabinetry.

If you want to make your kitchen, bathroom, or garage more functional and appealing, you should try tapping an artisan to create custom cabinetry. Among the beauties of such a property add-on is that you can maximize available space, make your interiors more functional, and even enhance your home’s aesthetics. While it may cost you a handsome amount of money depending on the caliber of craftsman you’re hiring, the benefits you’ll enjoy are surely worth the investment you’ll make.

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A new flooring.

If your home’s present flooring is already worn, out of style, or damaged, you should invest in new flooring to give it a fresh start. There are plenty of flooring materials that you can use as a replacement for your old flooring, including wood, vinyl, and tiles. If you have kids or seniors living with you, go for flooring materials with a non-skid finish to prevent accidental slip and fall, particularly when the flooring is newly-cleaned.


Paintings, sculptures, installation art pieces, and other artwork items can give your home an instant facelift upon installation. They are the perfect investments if you’re pressed with time and you need to create a great first impression without putting in too much time and work.

A new door.

Your door is among the first parts of your property that guests would see, so it’s only sensible to ensure that it’s giving off a great vibe. If your door has already seen better days, you should replace it with one that is stylish and eye-catching, either by having a custom door or buying a commercially available one.

With these eight quick facelift suggestions, improving your home’s appeal should be a breeze.

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