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Make Fashion Life Your Business Life

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When people think of the fashion industry, they often think about major companies and famous designer names; but small fashion operations exist everywhere in the world, especially in Asia. Singapore is one of the region’s leading fashion hubs. Its annual big fashion sale and uptown market make it one of the best places for big and small designers to set up shop. Here are some of the best fashion business ideas that will make you a winner in the region.

Accessory Making

Getting a business loan in Singapore can help you overcome the competition, and small enterprises don’t need that much seed money. There are a variety of accessories that you can make on your own or require minimal manufacturing ability. For example, if you’ve got the eye for it, making necklaces and bracelets don’t require much. Make them unique and eye-catching, and you’ve got a good seller. Tote bags also don’t need anything intensive. Just work on a unique design and aim for replacing their disposable plastic bags with something more fashionable. You will need to hustle a bit to get sales, but you only need a bit to profit from a small-scale operation.

Online Selling

The popularity of online stores is increasing as more and more people have access to the internet. In the past, you had to be a big-time seller to start operations as an online seller, but even small businesses can get in on the online auction. Online shopping platforms make it a lot easier for you, as well as the variety of online payment channels. The key strategy here is not to compete with the big retailers but to focus on a specific product. For example, you can be an online fabric seller that targets hobbyists who make their dresses. Build up contacts and have some storage space to start selling.

Fashion Styling

For those who have minimal funds, you can try to start an influencer brand. You’ll be mainly starting with your blog and your camera. Beginning from that, it will be your job to catch the imagination of followers so that you can start dictating the tides of fashion and getting endorsement money. This approach is very competitive, and you can end up lost in the sea of would-be influencers. The important thing is to find your niche and try to do something original that will catch the eye of people on social media.

Beauty Product Sales


Fashion is not just clothes. Makeup and perfumes are also an integral part of looking good. The problem is that these have a higher barrier to entry. Creating the right makeup can require specialist equipment and training. Perfumes are easier, and mixing all-natural perfumes from flowers is a good start. You will still need to do some experimenting, and you likely need a larger amount of initial seed money to get started. Start with a perfume mix that you developed and move on to making a business plan after that to ensure you have everything in order.

Clothes Rental Operations

Not everyone can afford the best clothes out there. But there will be times when they need to attend special functions and have the right clothes for it. This is where your business can come in. Buying good clothes and renting them out can be a good business model. This is especially if you have good taste. With a nice selection of clothes, you can rent them out for weddings and other special occasions. Your main expenses will be the initial purchases and the upkeep of clothes.

Men’s Fashion

One aspect of fashion that often gets ignored is that for men. That can provide you with a decent niche you. Men like to look stylish, too, and providing a good source for necessary items can be profitable. One of the essentials is a good suit. If you have good sewing skills, you can make bespoke suits for men. Another thing that you can provide is good styling advice. Starting a stylist service for men can work to help those who are hopeless when it comes to their style. You can also offer grooming items like razors and beard oil.

People will always be looking for something good to wear. They will; not just be limiting themselves to plain shirts and pants. Even in the privacy of their home, they want to look good. If you offer good products that can make your customers feel stylish, then you’ve got a foot in the door. Small fashion businesses can grow if handled right, and having a strategy will ensure your first step is a winner. ;

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