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Keeping Up With The Trends: Renovating Your Home Into The Aesthetic That Works For You

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From mood boards to playlists—the rise of 21st-century aesthetic trends has certainly cemented its part not only in the virtual world but in people’s fashion and lifestyles as well. The popularity of social media platforms especially Instagram and Tiktok is certainly an inspiration for people to take on their individual aesthetic feel.

But first, let us define the meaning of “aesthetic” in this period. The use of the word aesthetic now strays away from being an adjective, but rather, it is used as a noun—one that is used to categorize one’s specific fashion sense and lifestyle. Half-dyed hair and piercings? That’s an aesthetic. Berets and bright-colored pullovers? That’s also an aesthetic. Black eyeshadows and baggy shirts? Also an aesthetic!

However, this is not only limited to one’s appearance but a person’s lifestyle as well, as aforementioned. A person can have an aesthetic appearance but not have an equally aesthetic lifestyle, at the same time a person may not have a particular aesthetic when it comes to their fashion style and prefers to adapt it to their way of living instead. Or it can be both.

By now, you probably have an idea already of what personal aesthetic you have with your personality and lifestyle. Or you don’t. Renovating your home to its utmost best is a whole lot better if it is designed cleverly well to suit your personality. Read on and find out if one of these aesthetic trends works for you!

Plant Mom

Well, the name says it all. Plant moms is an aesthetic category to which shy and creative people belong to. If you’d like to integrate colors of nature such as blues, greens, soft yellows, earth colors, and neutral tones into the interiors of your home, and generally making your house have a chill and tropical feel—then this one’s for you. The plant mom aesthetic is closely associated with:

  • Tending gardens
  • Photography
  • Keeping pressed flowers
  • Picnic dates
  • Walks into the forest
  • Reading

With this aesthetic, you will feel a lot more comfortable with having lots of greenery and flowers both inside and outside of your home. Your renovation plans should stick to making your home as fresh as possible, to satisfyingly please your calm and laid back demeanor. Hang those plants and stock up on succulents to complete the overall atmosphere of your home!

indoor plant


If you aren’t a big fan of loud patterns and too much of everything going on, then opt for having an interior design that leans more towards the minimalist side. A lot of people may mistake minimalistic design with a bare room and little to no furniture—but it is so much more than that. Having a minimalist interior is one way to amplify your productivity as there are fewer distractions for you to adjust or clean up.

The theme of a minimalist interior is elevating the use of muted colors against a white or light background. This kind of aesthetic speaks class and elegance, so make sure to renovate your bathrooms and bedrooms properly to maximize the space and leave no space for unnecessary visual noise. If you are a perfectionist and naturally want everything in place with no clutter in sight, consider renovating your home into its optimal minimalist best.


The cottagecore aesthetic is essentially the sister trend of plant moms, as this also embodies the care for nature—just a few steps ahead. While plant moms lean more towards the nature-y feel of their home interiors, cottagecore is much more extra. It resonates with the feeling of living in the countryside and is inspired by western agricultural life.

If you dream of having a home that speaks harmony, growing plants, taking care of animals, baking, and pottery, then consider cottagecore as your main style for your interiors. To simply put, cottagecore illustrates the lifestyle of living in a cottage, where everything is just calm and simple. It is a beautiful concept to adapt, and certainly gives a lot of woodland witch vibes if you are into that kind of lifestyle.


As ironically beautiful as this may sound: vintage truly never gets old. The rise of vintage style in the fashion industry for the past few years certainly inspired a lot of people to embody what it’s like to live in the past decades or so.

A lot of fashion pieces that were popular back then are still incorporated into today’s trends, and people’s lifestyles aren’t an exception. With popular series such as Stranger Things and The Queen’s Gambit being set in the 80s and 60s, many people are even more hyped up to adapt to this aesthetic and continue to look for more vintage finds in the market. It certainly is one aesthetic that could rival the minimalist one—except that this depends on the intricate beauty of the home interiors and furniture. Patterned wallpapers, pastel drapes, and hanged framed photos are generally the core of a vintage-inspired home. You can even adjust it to suit your personality more if you want to go towards the modern vintage route.

Endless categories, endless possibilities

These are only a few categories, among a few. If you think one of them resonates with your overall style and personality, then it’s time for you to take the primary steps of renovating your home in style! On the other hand, don’t be disappointed if none of these match your liking, as you may truly have your flair. While these may be the most popular ones, there is no limit to what aesthetic you would want to integrate into your home. You could be committed to one, or a fusion of two. Either way, the most important thing to remember is to choose what truly makes you happy, even if it boils down to the simplest details of your home.

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