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The Coronavirus Design: How Interior Design Will Change for the Pandemic

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There was no knowing what the pandemic will bring. It has caused everything to come to a standstill, but slowly, everything is beginning to pick up once again. Jobs are returning — slowly — as companies have begun to shift to work-from-home arrangements. That also means people’s buying power is slowly coming back as well.

To this light, you may have been thinking of more than just redesigning your home; you may have been looking at designing the interior. Cleaning air passages may be the least of your worries as you might look at creating different interior improvements. Even interior design has received a boost because of an unlikely cause — the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s tough to be creative right now for the designers, but everyone has found a way to adapt. Here are some changes to expect because of the pandemic.

Prices will change

With the pandemic happening, not everyone will be able to afford re-designing their homes as not everyone has a job. But this doesn’t mean that interior designers must lower their process. While some have lost their jobs, that doesn’t mean that they have lost their ability to spend for the re-design.

What may be the more challenging state here is that designers will have to find a way to tell people that their services are essential. Pricing your services is connected to the essentiality of them; you should be able to justify the impact of your design or work to the amount or price that you’re slapping onto it.

Client spending may change

The consumption after the pandemic, according to financial advisor Jared Miller, looks a little hopeful. Interior design has been long deemed as something that can be postponed, but once there is an available vaccine, there will always be a demand for home beautification. A lot of the purchases that belong to this category will also see a surge in demand.

Since people have remained largely cooped up in their homes, the demand for interior design will go up. This could be because people might have seen which parts of their homes need to be improved. The interior design clients will be those who have seen a lot of design renovations in their homes.

The Living Room becomes the heart

Spending time at home has highlighted parts of it that are the most important. One of these is the living room, which has become a kind of ‘central’ focal point for most homeowners. If you’re one of those that agree, there are a lot of things you can do in the living room. You can host a small group, watch TV, work, and so much more.

Take into consideration that there are a lot of other things to be done in the living room, but one of the most important things is family. Your family may come together here. There are spaces where the parents can take important calls or have important conversations while the children entertain themselves.

Big homes have lots of spaces

three houses next to each other

The master bedroom has often been neglected as a space of power, but during the pandemic and with work from home, it’s becoming one of the home’s main attraction once again. The master suite can be fitted with a sofa set that people can work on or create some privacy for themselves.

There are people who might have important work, like an attorney who has children in the home. The master bedroom can be designated an off-limits area while work is going on. The whole house may be left to the children to play in, while the parent works in the bedroom.

A warmer home

Homes may also be painted in warmer colors. There was once a time when cooler colors may have sufficed, but with the current pandemic, people are gravitating towards bolder colors. Some of them may even take on pinkish hues to differentiate.

Sheltering in place may be the reason behind this. Pinkish colors and warmer tones are seen like a ‘hug’ coming from other places, which is why people may have wanted that kind of hue. Perhaps it’s also a preview into a better time that’s to come.

Designing your home is a big decision and isn’t simple, but it’ll never go out of style; the demand may just wane and during times like this, it may go cold. However, once the pandemic blows over, expect a bigger demand for significant design decisions. If you want a re-design, you may think about doing that now, if you’ve got the time and budget.

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