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Planning Your Next Home Project? Check These 2022 Interior Design Trends

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Halfway through the year, things are looking up. Vaccine rollouts continue to increase across the US. Some states have even dropped mask mandates for fully vaccinated people. But with indoor habits people have formed in the past year, it’s no surprise if some will continue to stay home in the coming months. If you’re one of those people, you should, at least, make your indoor stay fun and comfortable.

One way to make or keep your home cozy is to update its interiors. Before you plan your next home improvement project, check out this list of interior design trends that are likely to dominate in 2022.

Minimalist décor

Minimalist interior design has been an ongoing trend for the past decade. It seemed to be on the way out before 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic happened and people had to clear spaces to accommodate working from home, doing homeschool, exercising at home, and relaxing on days they couldn’t go out.

2022 could be the comeback year for the minimalist aesthetic. Consider replacing bright, loud colors and cluttered décor with soft palettes and empty spaces. Staying indoors is better with a minimalist living area.

Shades of green

Though more and more people get vaccinated in the US, you can’t say the same for the rest of the world. Going on holidays on a tropical island or exploring multiple countries in a month still seems unlikely for the months to come. But you can always bring the outdoors in through scenic murals and indoor plants.

The outdoor vibe for interior design will continue to be popular in 2022. That’s why the main color trends for living areas, bedrooms, and even kitchens include shades of green. Summer foliage color, for instance, is great for specific dominant surfaces. Sage is a neutral pastel shade with a touch of gray, and it’s perfect for walls and wallpapers. You can also go for a blue-green color for accent walls or a few furniture pieces.

Safety and sustainability in the kitchen

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, safety has been a recurring topic for homeowners. From fixtures and appliances to decors, home design in 2022 will likely highlight safety. That’s especially true in one specific area that is often busy and sometimes overused in a home—the kitchen.

For the flooring, you want something easy to sanitize and can withstand high foot traffic. Vinyl flooring for kitchens is a good option because it’s low-maintenance, stylish, and even resilient. Stainless steel countertops that you only used to see in commercial kitchens are likely to be popular in homes in 2022. Oil spills, acid, and bacteria are easy to wipe away on such countertops. Plus, stainless steel countertops are usually made in one piece; that means there are no seams to harbor food debris and germs. Touchless kitchen faucets and other fixtures with the same technology will be a hit, too.

Dedicated work areas

Though some companies consider getting their employees back to the office, it’s safe to say that working from home is here to stay. Remote or hybrid work setups have been in practice before 2020—the COVID-19 pandemic simply fast-tracked the development of such work setups even in traditional industries.

If you’re still working from bed or at the dining table, you should consider having a designated work area. Turn the attic, a guest room, or any unused space in your home to create a stylish, functional home office. Don’t have enough space inside your home? You can consider building an office shed. The important thing is to have a working area separate from your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. That way, you won’t feel like work has invaded your personal life—a persistent problem that many remote workers experience.

Stylish, functional foyers

Not all homes have foyers. After all, this feature requires space, which most homes don’t have. But because of the pandemic, foyers have become necessary to achieve that much-needed transitional space between homes and the outside world. If you’re looking for a new home improvement project, focus on your home’s entryway. Renovate in a way that it’s easy to take off your shoes and outerwear and sanitize yourself before entering your living area. But, of course, keep the area cozy and stylish, too.

In 2022, new interior design trends focus on creating cozy, comfortable, and clean rooms while making a favorable atmosphere for relaxation, work, entertainment, and “new normal” daily activities. The emphasis is on materials, colors, and projects that feature safety, sustainability, and comfort. So, make sure to keep all these in mind as you plan your next home renovation project.

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