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The Five Different Bridal Personalities

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Being a bride is a momentous thing for most women. It may happen for only a day. But, the choices that a woman makes about this special day are not instant. All the details of her wedding day have a strong link with her lifestyle and personality.

You can spot certain kinds of brides based on how they handled their wedding day. You can also get a glimpse of their character through the wedding dresses that they wear. Below are the most common types of brides. How many of them have you encountered?

The Traditional Bride

The traditional bride has a relaxed and happy mood at her wedding. She focuses more on the ceremony rather than any other details. This bride looks for traditional settings such as churches, golf clubs, or yacht clubs.

She would most likely don a modest, lace bridal gown. The charm of her wedding dress is in the high neckline, lace sleeves, and covered back. This bridal gown is unpretentious yet timeless, like every aspect of her wedding. A traditional bride believes that she does not need to show some skin to be beautiful.

She may also be a bit sentimental. She may follow the “something old, new, borrowed, and blue” tradition. Heirlooms also attract her.

The Princess Bride

The princess bride has stars in her eyes. She is the hopeless romantic type who believes that she needs to get swooped off her feet by her prince. Every aspect of her wedding seems ethereal. This kind of bride prefers open-air settings such as garden weddings.

For her bridal grown, she would go for a voluminous ball gown skirt to make her feel like true royalty. Off-shoulder types may also get her attention. She might even accessorize with a tiara to complete the look.

But, do not get fooled by her sweet and soft demeanor. This type of bride has every detail of her wedding mapped out. She is very particular with everything. This is because she had longed imagined how this special day should be. Her dreaming and planning may have started when she was between 5 and 10 years old.

The Party Bride

The party bride exudes energy and life. She is more into details with the reception rather than the ceremony. This bride wants to celebrate with her friends and family. She might prefer a wedding at the beach to hold a nice private party after the ceremonies.

This kind of bride does not want her movement to get hampered with heavy fabric. Thus, she would go for light materials, wispy fabrics, and effortless silhouettes. She wants to wear her dress and forget it. You would not see her fidget every minute over it. This bride may appreciate detachable skirts or sleeves on her bridal gown. This kind of wedding dress would give her a formal look at the ceremony and a carefree one after.

The party bride would focus more on the entertainment aspect of her wedding. She would choose excellent food, enjoyable music, and free-flowing drinks. She wants to make sure that everybody would enjoy her special day.

The Trendsetter Bride

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Some brides want to have a wedding that would leave a mark on their guests. Trendsetter brides are the kinds that do not settle for mediocre venues. They may set their special day on historical sites or museums.

For a trendsetter bride, she would prefer a style of her wedding gown that would make her stand out. She may opt for a different color than white. She may even forego the whole bridal gown idea altogether. Other options for a bridal outfit are jumpsuits, mini dresses, and a top and skirt.

Trendsetter brides may also alter traditional details of a wedding. For example, they may wish to have an all-adults event. This leaves no space for those cute little flower girls and handsome little bearers. Some even go to the extent of eloping and having a simple and short ceremony rather than an elaborate one.

The Extravagant Bride

The wedding day of an extravagant bride spells class and sophistication. These are the brides that saved up for this special event. The most prominent venue for their weddings is destination weddings. They are capable of shouldering a part or the entirety of the guests’ airfare and accommodation.

An extravagant bride’s choice of a wedding dress is something intricate. Think of a dress with thousands of hand-sewn beads or elaborate embroidery. Guests would not miss such complex details. Extravagant brides may even have a couple of wedding outfits throughout the event.

Every detail of an extravagant bride’s wedding is perfect. She has a team of professionals moving behind the scenes. This strategy ensures that everything would go as planned.

There is no perfect kind of bride. Each bride and wedding day is unique and personal. The most important thing is for a bride not to turn into a bridezilla. Also, nobody should manage her. She must do whatever she most feels comfortable with. After all, it is her special day.

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