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Home Parts and Fixtures That Need Regular Maintenance or Repair

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Your home is probably the best investment you’ve got. From purchasing it to making it irrevocably yours, the process is just excruciating. However, it does not stop there. You will probably need repairs and annual maintenance to keep your living space as livable as possible not only for you but for all your family members as well.

The regular cleanup can be a challenge, as is the maintenance and repair that it may need every once in a while. If you are a first-time homeowner, here are some of the most common areas of the house that usually needs maintenance and repair.


The roof is a very important part of the house. It shields you from the harsh UV rays of the sun and keeps you protected from all types of weather conditions. Additionally, it also adds to the overall aesthetics of a home. Roofs, however, can be prone to issues. They can succumb to all the harshness they get from the environment every single day. They can crack, lose a shingle, or leak during the rainy season.

Like many other areas of the house, your roof needs your attention. If you detect an issue, have it inspected immediately. Roofing maintenance and repair is quite complicated, so you may need to hire a professional to do the task for you.


This fixture in the home is usually among those taken for granted when it comes to maintenance. An essential heating device in any home, it can suffer from serious problems when not maintained in regular intervals. Additionally, replacement may be required for those that can no longer be salvaged by simple maintenance activities. Some of the signs that tell your fireplace or hearth needs repair include chimney fire, rusted damper, damaged chimney crown, and mortar joints that crack.

Plumbing System

Drainpipes, vent pipes, and all other devices and respective connections need proper maintenance, too. While they may not show symptoms of wear and tear or problems, they are also prone to issues that can affect your entire household’s operations. Problems that can occur with the plumbing system include leaking pipes, faulty faucets, toilet issues, clogged pipes, water line breaks, sewer problems, rust, corrosion, and sedimentary buildup to name a few.


A well-maintained fireplace within the house is nothing if the chimney connected to it is problematic. Therefore, it is also crucial to make sure that your chimney is well-preserved. Chimneys that are not given any attention or have not been cleaned or maintained for quite a while can cause fires and water damage. Some of the tell-tale signs that you should look out for to know whether your chimney needs cleaning are damaged wallpaper, cracked or shaling flu tiles, rusted firebox, spalling bricks, damaged mortar joints, and a defective chimney crown.



Toilets have the following parts: the bowl, the tank, and the flushing mechanisms. All these parts can get damaged over time and may need repairs. In some instances, a simple maintenance setup may be enough to address a toilet problem. However, when the problem is a crack in the bowl, the entire unit may need replacement. Other signs that tell your toilet needs repair or possibly a replacement are the following: wobbly bowl, cracks in the tank, too many issues that need attention, frequent clogging, visible scratches, and water leakage.

If your toilet is too old and has served your family for years, it is also recommended to have it replaced with a new one.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke alarms can last for up to 10 long years. However, they may need repair and maintenance from time to time. These devices are extremely important in homes, as they may be able to detect fires and save lives. Sometimes, though, these mechanisms can fail and malfunction due to dust accumulation, corrosion, and insect infestation. Thus, it is important to have regular maintenance for these devices, and possibly have them replaced if any issues occur.


The drains up in your roof are as important as the sewers on the ground. Gutters protect your roof and the siding and foundation of your house during rainy seasons. Basically, these fixtures control the flow of rainwater, preventing water from infiltrating your house.

Gutters can get clogged if not given proper regular maintenance. If not given proper attention for a long time, it can erode and crack, causing your roof to leak water into your home.

All of these parts of the house cannot be maintained by DIY methods. You would need a specialist for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of these parts. While hiring professionals may be expensive at some point, though, they bring innumerable advantages that you will surely appreciate.

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