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The Main Reasons You Should Turn Your Abode into a Smart Home

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Smart homes are a growing trend in the US. Technically, a smart home is a modern home setup where you rely on technology and devices to manage your home systems. In 2018, approximately 47.4 million smart home devices were installed, with revenue from each device costing four hundred dollars. Additionally, the market is expected to be in more than half of U.S. households by 2025. Smart homes are becoming a staple for every American household. At this point, you might be wondering if it’s worth spending a couple of hundred dollars to renovate your home into one. Hopefully, this list of reasons can ease your mind.

Add a New Layer of Security

Smart devices can add new security to your home. It’s been reported that in the US, there are 2.5 million burglaries in a year, 66-percent of which are home break-ins. If you’re living in a neighborhood with a high rate of crime, this reason becomes essential.

Smart security devices can help you protect from these burglaries by following preventive measures such as locking your windows and doors when there is a risk of a break-in. These devices can also notify you of threats and even show you footage even if you’re at work. It can also automatically call the police for you, warning them of a threat in your household. The more advanced security devices can even take pro-active measures such as taking pictures of unknown individuals who visit your house and blacklist specific individuals you don’t trust.

Ultimately, having these devices can make you sleep easier at night, knowing that your own home is looking out for you.

New Level of Convenience

When some Americans hear smart home, they automatically think of convenience. They’re not too far from the truth. Some smart homes are centralized, which means you can change many home systems anywhere. Additionally, some devices that use motion sensor technology automatically enables the features of individual rooms for you.

Smart homes are the pinnacle of home convenience. It can keep you relaxed in your own home without a need for anything else but a singular tablet that controls the system. Centralized smart homes can even save you money as they can efficiently schedule when you need lighting, heating, or air conditioning, depending on the time of the year. Moreover, some devices can answer doors for you, turn off the tap when no one is using it, and even water your plants for you. Devices that monitor your utilities can even call services you need, such as plumbing or wiring. On top of it all, you can change these features whenever you want, giving you the ultimate comfort whenever you want it.

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A New Look for Your Home

If you have visited some smart homes, you will notice that they have a modern look. That’s because smart devices can blend with any kind of interior design. Smart devices tend to be small and almost unnoticeable. Those that are noticeable are usually designed in a way that they don’t stand out. In addition to this, some of these devices can complement the design of your house. For example, smart devices that control the lighting can control the ambiance of your home. Other more advanced devices can control furniture, such as retracting the couch. Overall, smart homes look modernized, and because of that, they look good and clean.

Better Internet Connection

Most modern homes have a problem with setting up their internet connection. Some spots in the house can have inconsistent Wi-Fi connection while some have it strong. There are even some locations with no Wi-Fi connection at all. This forces many homes to resort in buying two plans for their homes. This increases their monthly bill by quite a lot, just to make sure there aren’t dead zones in their homes.

The best solution to this problem is to install Wi-Fi meshes in your home. These meshes are a fantastic smart device for removing dead zones in your home while also increasing bandwidth coverage. Additionally, they are a great management tool for prioritizing certain devices. They are also a great tool to use to protect your home from intruders who might want to steal your private data.

There are many ways that a smart home is beneficial to its owner. It’s a modular home that you can always change depending on your mood and lifestyle. The more advance smart homes are also self-sufficient, which means that you don’t have to worry about it if you haven’t been home in weeks. It will clean dust, water your plants, and even regulate the temperature of your home. Smart homes are becoming a new norm because of these reasons.

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