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Welcome to My Life: the Highs and Lows of Independent Living

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You’re finally moving out of your childhood house and into a new chapter of your adult life: having your own place! The best part about this is that you get to decide everything from now on — what you’ll be eating later tonight, what kind of furniture you’ll be filling your house with, and even what kind of cleaning products you’ll be using to keep your home spotless.

But living on your own isn’t all fun and rainbows. In fact, it’s more like responsible drinking because although you know that enjoying the moment is important, there are still things that you need to take care of after you get home.

The key to successfully living alone is finding the balance between having fun and being a responsible adult. Here are three aspects of independent living that you have to remember so that you won’t have trouble later on:

Don’t Diminish Your House’s Value

It’s easy to go overboard with decorating your own house, especially if you’ve dreamed of having one since you were a kid. Of course, since it’s your place, no one can stop you from decorating it the way you want to.

But there are certain repercussions to making decisions like these, especially if it’s going to affect the house’s value because of property damages. You have to be careful not to create permanent or irreversible damages that may cost you money or, worse, to lose your new homeowner credit.

Pay Your Bills On Time

It’s hard to catch up on accumulated bills if you overlook the days going by. Sometimes, you’ll only realize that you haven’t been paying your house bills when your power’s cut-off or if there’s no water dripping from your faucet.

Be a responsible adult and keep track of the deadlines of your house bills. If you often forget the dates, try to put a reminder in a place you always pass through or put it on your phone’s calendar. If you still forget to pay your bills on time after doing all those, then living alone might not be for you.

Take Care of Yourself

healthy food

When you live alone, buying take-out or ordering in might be your go-to choice for food options. But that’s a slippery slope that doesn’t manifest until it’s too late to take the decisions made back. Take-out food is okay for when you’re too tired to prepare your own food or if you don’t have the time to cook.

However, solely relying on take-out and junk food daily can harm your overall health as you grow older. It can cause you serious health problems if not taken care of. So make it a habit to cook your own food at times and mind the nutritional value of what you eat. This is not the time to forego health for the sake of laziness.

And while you’re at it, sneak in a quick workout or two at least once a week until you develop the habit. Drink lots of water oo because it’s easy to forget that your body needs the fluid to function when you’re drinking four cups of coffee a day. Adopt habits that can be beneficial for your growth and development as a person.

Don’t Forget to Socialize

There’s a fine line between being a person who values solitude to being a person who can’t function in society. Having all that alone time may be a good thing initially, but you have to remember to connect with other people and socialize from time to time.

Otherwise, you might become an anti-social person, especially if you’re without human contact for extended periods of time. No man is an island. Independence is good, but being too independent can cause you problems later on in life.

Talk to your friends and family once in a while. Take a walk around the nearby park and say hi to strangers. Or sit in a cafe and watch people go by. There’s no harm in savoring the serenity of solitude, but you might have a hard time conversing with people once you enjoy being alone for too long.

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to living independently. It’s up to you how you’re going to live your life from now on because no one will tell you what to do. Either you have a great time as you rediscover yourself and what you want, or you can’t function without another person to make your decisions for you. But as long as you’re trying your best to do your responsibilities while you balance the need to care for yourself, it will be alright in the end.

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