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Common Mechanical Issues That Plague Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners are essential appliances in commercial and residential buildings. Most people assume that vacuum cleaners are only used for cleaning carpets. There are several attachments used with modern vacuum cleaners, which make them effective for cleaning virtually all flooring and furniture materials and in all sizes. When well-maintained and used as per the manufacturer’s instructions, your vacuum cleaner can last for over ten years.

But even high-end and pricier vacuum cleaner models are not failsafe.

With this realization, several online platforms detailing techniques of handling a vacuum cleaner repair job without a Utah-based expert’s input have come up. The DIY ‘’experts’’ on these platforms make it seem like the repairs are simple and can be handled with some of the tools in your home or office. Making the mistake of following the instructions on these sites to correct the issues you might be facing with your vacuum cleaner can cause irreparable damage to your appliances.

Attempting to fix some complicated issues like mechanical problems also puts you at risk of deadly injuries. Here the typical mechanical problems you might have to deal with in your vacuum cleaner:

Reduced Suction

This is the most common issue with vacuum cleaners. Reduced suction in your vacuum cleaner generally arises from improper care of the vacuum cleaner, more so its brush rolls. This adversely affects the appliance’s motor and causes its weakening and eventual breaking down. A replacement of your brush rolls might be the ideal choice for boosting your suction’s power. At times, however, the cleaning of the brush rolls might be all that is needed.

Automatic Shutdowns

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In some cases, the vacuum cleaner will shut down when in use. Though this might point to several issues, automatic shutdowns are usually caused by a full dust bag or a faulty motor and most often by a clogged filter. Like brush rolls, your vacuum cleaner’s filter should be regularly cleaned to prevent clogging. People assume that a simple filter cleanup will rectify automatic shutdowns of their appliance. DIY cleaning of the filters is not an easy task and might not effectively correct the issue at hand.

Increased Noise

The most common issue that causes a noisy vacuum cleaner is a defective motor bearing. In this instance, the motor will need replacing to avert the problem, more so when broken. Lubrication of the motor might also address the issue effectively, especially when undertaken promptly.

Broken and Worn Belts

The belts of your vacuum cleaners tend to wear off and then break after some months. Professional maintenance of your vacuum cleaner will go a long way in averting this, but you should also have the belt replaced at least every two months. Even if the vacuum’s belt is not worn out or broken during the maintenance schedule, having it replaced will prevent the breakdown of the other parts of your vacuum cleaner.

Some manufacturers tout their vacuum cleaners as easy to fix even with minimal or no know-how. Regardless of your vacuum cleaner’s model, however, the above issues require professional input to handle effectively. Thankfully, they will not be as expensive to fix.

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