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Ride Your Bike: The Health and Environmental Benefits of Cycling

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Planning to get back in shape? Why not try cycling? Whether it is for the improvement of your health and fitness or as an act of care for the environment, opting for bicycle riding possibly will be one of the best decisions you will make.

Moreover, cycling continues to grow popular as a sport, as well as a leisure activity that offers a wide array of benefits that you can enjoy. Fortunately, if all you need is a bit more convincing, we will provide the top reasons as to why you should embrace biking as your sport and hobby.

Helps You Stay Fit

Like any other form of workout, cycling is associated with numerous benefits that will greatly improve your health and fitness. Have you ever noticed how muscular the legs of professional cyclists are? And let’s not even mention their toned body frames.

Riding a bike can help you lose a considerable amount of weight and will help you maintain a healthy body fat percentage. Studies show that an average cyclist can and is expected to burn almost 500 calories from just an hour of riding. The best part? You continue to burn extra calories even after the workout is done, as it boosts your basal metabolic rate.

Enhances Skin Health

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, researchers have found that regular cycling can protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun like the UV radiation and reduce noticeable signs of skin aging as well. In addition, according to Dr. Christopher Rowland Payne of Harley Street Dermatologist, exercise can increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more effectively. At the same time, it can flush harmful toxins out. Exercise also paves the way for optimal production of collagen. This, in turn, helps with improving wrinkles, plumps up the skin, and makes it heal faster.

Improves Brain Power

According to a group of researchers from the University of Illinois, by cycling regularly, you will experience a 5% boost in cardio-respiratory fitness and up to 15% improvement in mental tests. That is because cycling aids in the building of new brain cells. In addition, it also stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, which in turn boosts the regeneration of receptors and decreases your risk of Alzheimer’s.

Cost-efficient and Eco-Friendly

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There is no disagreement that bikes are far better for the environment than motor-powered forms of transport. They produce less to no pollution, and they are not difficult to store and maintain. Choosing bikes also helps with the reduction of a burden to the environment, not only with regard to pollution, but manufacturing costs and noise as well. In busy cities where traffic jams are present, cycling is also a faster alternative and more convenient option than driving. Lastly, biking to your preferred destination is a good way to save money. It lessens your spending on fare or gasoline.


Up for the challenge? Head out for a cycling adventure in a nearby bike path. To transport your bicycle, you can use tailgate bike pads or alternative bike carriers like tow ball racks, roof racks and strapping systems. Remember, there’s no simpler way to help out the planet while simultaneously optimizing your health than cycling. Stop hesitating — get on that bike and cycle your way to a better environment and a healthier lifestyle.

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