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10 Things Most People Look Forward to After the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Everything might seem bleak today with all that’s going on around us. But take heart, we all can look forward to a lot of great things once the dust has settled.

10 Things Everyone Can Look Forward to Once the COVID-19 Pandemic is Done


1. A worldwide celebration of mankind.

With almost 423,000 positive cases and close to 19,000 deaths due to the virus, mankind has taken a pretty big hit. With all the mourning and grief this global health crisis has caused, we can’t wait for the day when authorities finally proclaim that the disease is under control and mankind is now safe.

2. Hugs. Lots of them.

Social distancing has been such a struggle to comply with. Human beings need physical touch for comfort, affirmation, affection, and assurance. During these trying times, the deprivation of human touch is something we want to put behind.

3. Reuniting with our elderly relatives again.

Being the most vulnerable to the virus along with those who have existing health issues, seeing our elderly relatives again will bring such a sigh of relief to us. To see them safe and healthy after this tragedy is one thing a lot of us are sure looking forward to.

4. Going back to work or school.

Before the pandemic, a lot of us kept complaining and whining about going to work or school. Now that it was almost taken away from us, we realize how valuable work and school are in our lives and how much it contributes to our well-being. Concrete foundation contractors can go back to their job sites and continue laying down solid foundations for buildings and structures. Businesses can open shop and start earning and providing for their employees again. Students can continue to get the education they need.

5. Eating out.

It may be a simple act but eating out, whether alone or with loved ones, is something a lot of us have taken for granted because it seems so ordinary and mundane. This health crisis has taught us to value even the irrelevant and insignificant things like dining and hanging out.

6. Live sports, movies, and events.

Since crowd gatherings have been prohibited for fear of transmission of the disease, not being able to watch anything new gets boring and old. Once the quarantine is lifted and people are allowed to go out again, expect to see stadiums and theaters packed.

7. Coming together in places of worship.

While individual time of prayer and worship knows no place and time, coming together with a community and worshipping as one body, regardless of religion, is a spiritual act that most people have taken for granted and are missing at this time of isolation.

8. Frontliners honored for their unwavering dedication to serving.

After all their hard work of taking care of people, sanitizing our surroundings, maintaining peace and order, and keeping the economy going, our frontliners deserve to be recognized and honored.

We have already lost a lot of them to the disease while others are still battling it out. Yet not one of them has given up because they know we are all depending on them.

9. Stability and normalcy.

With all the changes that governments are implementing because we’re all venturing into unchartered territory, the irregularities and instabilities that this virus have all of us longing for a sense of stability and normalcy. We look forward to the day when things go back to the way they were and we go on living our routines.

10. A kinder and more compassionate human race.

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In light of all the bad things happening now, we are seeing more and more people coming together as one to fight the battle against the dreaded virus, keeping each other in prayers, doing what small things they can for the frontliners and those around them.

We are living in a time where the world has become a close-knit community, helping each other out. We can only hope that once this thing is done, we all keep the same kindness and compassion we are extending to one another now.

SunTzu once said that in the midst of chaos there is always opportunity. Things may seem dark now but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a silver lining to every cloud.

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