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An Open and Bright Home: Pointers for Building One

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Sometimes, the idea of an ideal home is not the one that is surrounded with thick walls, few windows, and small doors. As design evolves and becomes more practical, several disciplines have emerged, inspiring people to change the way they view home aesthetics.

Among the most popular in recent years is the design of open homes. Open homes do not mean that you will forego with privacy and security. Going for such a design means that you are maximizing the space while ensuring that your home will not look cramped and cluttered.

You can take advantage of this design if you have a large lot or your lot is standing on a hill with an overlooking view of the city or the ocean. If this is your plan for quite a long time, there are some ways you can finally execute it.

Below are some of the pointers that you may want to take note of before consulting custom home builders in Utah.

Go for high ceilings

If you want your home to be truly open and inviting, you better start with the ceilings. You should make them high, so that you will have a lot of headspaces and that moving around will be much easier. You can place these high ceilings in your living room or in your dining area.

This arrangement also adds a touch of elegance, especially if you have a minimalist chandelier in the middle. You may even consider using skylights.

Surround yourself with large windows

The design principle of openness can also be done through the installation of large and tall windows. These will work best when you have a good view, such as a seaside, a vista, or the city down below. You can easily maintain your privacy by using electronic blinds.

Heighten security by using high-quality glasses, security films, and locks. Another layer of windows can also be utilized.

Paint your home with bright colors

Another way of making your home ethereal and bright is through the use of bright colors. Many suggest the use of white paint, but there will always be other options that you may consider. Among them is the use of neutrals, such as beige and cream. This will make your home much brighter, especially during daytime.

Have some levels

home with mezzanine

When building your home, consider adding variety and textures by building levels. This means adding levels of floors, such as a mezzanine or lifting one side of the room by a few steps. This is one way of giving a dynamic touch to your home.

An open home may be your ideal home, especially if you want to breathe freely and relax after a long day at work. Having such a design for your home means that you have a place that can openly welcome you. It is a much comfier place to be in whenever you want to find solace.

However, keep in mind that designing it should be considered painstakingly to make sure that every square inch is maximized.

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