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What’s the First Thing Homebuyers Look at When They Enter a House?

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When you enter a house (any house, for that matter), where do your eyes land? What’s the first thing you notice about a house? If you want to sell a home either as a current homeowner or a real estate agent, you should understand what people want to see when they enter the house. Once you have a thorough understanding of what potential homebuyers expect to see, you can present the house better and, hopefully, make a sale.


If you are preparing the display homes in Townsville or other cities, make sure that the property is clean and neat. That’s the first thing a homebuyer will notice about a house. Although the level of cleanliness varies, most people agree that a house on the market should be presentable. Tidying the things in the home will go a long way toward impressing potential buyers.


They’ll also notice the arrangement of furniture in the house. Although they will likely change these pieces of furniture to suit their personalities better, they’d still want to see how the space looks like with a sofa, a console table, and an accent chair. They will mentally rearrange the furniture in the house. But if the furniture is too outdated or sparse, that will affect how they imagine themselves being in that room.


Bright-colored walls are a no-no. There are very few people who will get impressed by your fuchsia walls. Even if they like the same color, the room will feel stuffy and small when the walls are colored dark pink or purple. Whatever house you will present to a buyer, make sure to advise the owner to have the walls repainted. It gets so hard for buyers to imagine what a room could look like when the current colors are too bright and loud.


wooden floor

Of course, they will notice the flooring. Are you using tiles or wood panels? Make sure that there’s no chipped and broken tile on the flooring. Not only can that cause an accident, but it is also aesthetically displeasing. Many homebuyers don’t necessarily want to have to deal with repairing and changing the flooring once they move in.


Is there a musty scent in the house? It could be coming from pest infestation, mold, or he garbage that hasn’t been thrown out. Spray a sweet-smelling perfume in the room before the guests arrive. Make sure that the scent isn’t too overpowering. Some buyers are allergic to strong perfume scents.


A home can create a negative impression if it has dark hallways and entrances. It will look dingy and unkempt. Make sure to open the lights even before the buyer arrives at the location. Although light fixtures and chandeliers won’t necessarily matter to potential homebuyers, good lighting will make a huge difference in the possibility of a sale.

Create a good first impression on potential homebuyers. One visit might convince them to make an offer for the house. That will also create a good reputation for you as a home seller or sales agent.

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