Your Active Lifestyle and Coffee: Understanding the Connection

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For the record, coffee is one of the most widely-used drinks in the world. A stimulating beverage is definitely a good way to start your day. Often times it’s the only breakfast along with bread that working people have in a hurry in the morning.

But mind you, although there is more green coffee produced in the world yearly, tea is still the #1 beverage on the planet. Government data show there are 8.5 million metric tons of coffee produced yearly worldwide but only 4.7 million metric tons for tea. But as it only takes two grams of tea to make a cup as opposed to 10 grams of coffee, there are three cups of tea drunk in every cup of coffee.

Now, the million-dollar question is will coffee be a friend or a foe when it comes to your active lifestyle. If you’ve been chugging coffee for some time now, a little reflection should bid you well. The rule of the thumb is if it’s too much, it’s not healthy. And coffee is no exception.

The good news is that coffee can be a great buddy when used right. Here’s how:

Fat Burner And Energy Booster

A lot of talks have been going around about burning fat when exercising. Many overweight people, in fact, have made it their very mission in doing cardio and sweating things out. The good news is high levels of caffeine can boost dramatically our body’s ability to burn fat. What’s more, you get to lessen your carbohydrate overload when you drink coffee in the morning. Why? Simply because the caffeine in coffee is an appetite suppressor.

Research reveals a rise in the body’s fat-burning due to increased metabolism when taking caffeine, the active ingredient in coffee. In this regard, coffee can therefore help you break down fat when you workout and hours after you exercise. Careful though. Virtue is in the middle. We’re talking about 5mg to just 6mg of caffeine per kilogram on your body weight as a recommended dose. So for a 150-pound athlete, 409 mg of caffeine is the most you should take.

Athletic Performance Enhancer

Now, you might be wondering why coffee in a Starbucks store (or any coffee shop nearby) tastes better than the coffee you made from home. The answer is simple: coffee beans. The fresher the beans the better the coffee. And turnover of coffee in Starbucks (assuming they’re open) is pretty fast (they’re using freshly-roasted coffee beans) while chances are you buy coffee beans that have been sitting on the shelf for weeks, if not months.

Take note that Starbucks has superior equipment. For one, their coffee machine is topnotch. Take a look at their fluid dispensing nozzle. It’s industrial-grade which means these nozzles are of the highest quality that can last for a long, long time. All that means better processing and with better processing comes better coffee.

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Know that caffeine when taken moderately can enhance your active lifestyle by boosting your athletic performance. For instance, taking coffee before working out can give you better results.

This means caffeine allows an athlete to stretch his training for longer. The reason behind this is coffee stimulates the body to make the most of stored fats instead of relying on muscle glycogen when working out. As a result, you can work out for longer.

Metabolism Boost

Metabolism is our body breaking down the food we eat so the body can use it as nutrients. What’s exciting is caffeine enhances the bodys’ rate of metabolism. So you can use energy far more efficiently. Studies show caffeine can boost metabolic rates up to three hours after intake.

When your metabolism works great, it can make nutrients available to your body faster. This is the reason why getting in high gear by exercising first thing in the morning works wonders.

Better Motor Coordination

Coffee also enables your mental functions. For starters, it can help you improve your mental focus. Reason enough why taking coffee before you take an exam is wise. Indeed, it can impact positively those areas of your brain that are responsible for concentration and memory. As a result, you get to have a more efficient work-out.

Studies show taking coffee is a big boost for aging seniors. It can give them a better way to slow down the age-related mental decline. Thus, athletes taking in caffeine before their exercise routine reported better results. They had better focus and were able to sustain longer more strenuous exercise routines.

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