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Interesting Sculptures Make Interesting Interiors

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When you think of sculptures, you would think of the masters of the Renaissance and their classical works of art. But did you know that adding sculptural elements into your interior home designs can bring the aesthetics up a notch? Sculptures add an otherwise classic element to a modern home. It is a great way to add a form of self-expression to your home. If classical elements are not your style, you can choose from more modern or Avant-garde designs.

You cannot limit self-expression and place it in a box. Your home is your castle, after all. You may decorate it as you well, please. The great thing about art is that you have the freedom to choose what would best suit your interest and tastes.

2020 was the year when the importance of redesigning our living space increased. The government’s restrictions and lockdowns have forced people to turn their homes into their workplaces and classrooms. Thanks to modern innovations, Forbes says that interior design services are now made more accessible to everyone. Whether you want to add an aesthetic value to your home or want to increase its resale value, you must choose a design that will work well for you. Here are some ways to add some sculptural elements to your home.

Contemporary Meets Classic Adds Charm to Your Home

If you want to add a classical flair to your home’s design, you can add a marble sculpture to your home’s interior. People tend to get nervous when purchasing classical pieces because they might not blend well with their contemporary interior.

Interior designer Philip Thomas says that you should not worry about buying classical art pieces because they will bring new energy to your contemporary space. Adding a classical element to your home will work if you pay attention to detail. Thomas says that you are igniting the imagination when you display classic art in a contemporary setting.

Modern Tastes Means Modern Twists

If Roman busts do not suit your taste, you can choose various modern sculptures. These contemporary works of art are not limited to materials made out of natural stone. Modern sculptures often use and combine unlikely combinations, so some combine fabricated steel used for building construction with other materials.

If your house has a large area that requires a statement piece, why not consider a sculpture? Abstract artwork is best in interiors with a neutral background to emphasize its clean and simple lines.

Secure Your Sculptures

Like all pieces of art, your sculptures are valuable. You want to protect your assets as much as possible. To do this, have glass installations placed around your sculpture and install an alarm system in your house.


Animal Sculptures Give Your Home a Sense of Comfort

There is something about animal sculptures that make us drawn to them. Whether the material is marble or metal, we cannot help but be attracted to them. The Chinese believed that placing animal sculptures in your home brings good luck and prosperity into your home. Whether you believe in feng shui or not, you have to admit that animal sculptures give an air of elegance to your décor.

Minimalism Is Key

2020 was the year when many chose to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. The “less is more” mindset came to be because of the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. People wanted to have only the essentials and get rid of the excess. Minimalism can also apply to sculptures. This means simple geometric shapes such as the square and the rectangle.

Asian Sculptures Add A Rustic Element to Your Home

The beauty of Asian sculpture is that it is not limited to one country. Asian art encompasses Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Some of these art forms embrace one art style, while others showcase varied cultural influences. The interior design’s beauty is that you can play around with detail and drama. It is all about choosing a focal point that would work best for your living space and making it work.

When choosing sculptures, you are making a statement for yourself. Whether you choose to go the classic route or be modern, these will add a different energy to your home. Sculptures are a form of art that is more than self-expression.

It is a way to add an element of fantasy that almost becomes whimsical in your home. They are those pieces that are provocative and will make you steal a second glance. For certain, sculptures will be a conversation piece for your guests the next time they visit you. It all comes down to choosing the sculpture that will best suit your tastes. After all, art is not just one size fits all.

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