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You Want to be a Fashion Influencer? Here’s What to Know

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The world of fashion influencers—it’s all about glitz, the glamour, and some martinis by the beach. It’s also about attending fashion weeks in different cities and even meeting high-profile designers. It’s a great world to be in, but be warned—it’s not always about beauty and aesthetics as many successful influencers make it appear. It’s also about hard work and dedication. It will also teach you the value of cultivating relationships.

Perhaps, you’ve been dreaming about becoming a fashion influencer that brands and advertising agencies will want to work with. And why not? You love fashion, and you think your style is commendable. Understand, however, that your passion for fashion will not be enough to propel you forward. You also need to have a comprehensive strategy that will help you set yourself apart from the sea of style influencers.

To get you started, here are some of the most important things that you may want to keep in mind:

Find your niche

Starting this list requires this crucial tip—be comfortable with your own style. Once you’re A-OK with it, it’s time to determine your niche. Basically, a niche is a segment or category of people and like-minded individuals who will be easily drawn to your style. This is an important strategy to set yourself apart from the rest of the influencers; eventually, you can expand your crowd by venturing into other niches. If you have this undying love for Seoul and Tokyo fashion, you may consistently post about your East Asian-inspired styles that will be unique in your locality and will attract people who have the same taste as yours.

Study photography

Your visuals need to be stunning and impeccable—after all, you’re a fashion influencer. So, you need to get photography skills. You can study on your own by watching tutorials on YouTube or getting inspiration from fellow influencers, but you need to give your own shots a spin. You may also choose to have a color palette or mood to make your visual feed unique and attractive.

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Expand your content plan

Being a fashion influencer does not mean that you will post stylish pictures on Instagram. You will need to provide your audience with something useful and will help them with their style journey. Eventually, you will need to branch out to other types of useful content. For one, you can set up a YouTube channel where you can review products, from clothes to make-ups and even diet plans. You can also vlog about your travels while giving your audience insider tips. But if you’re into writing, a good old fashion blog will certainly do the trick.


One great thing about being an influencer is you get to meet like-minded individuals who value fashion the same way you do. So, find these people you can easily vibe with. Establish strong ties with them because eventually, you may be able to collaborate with them. For one, they can be a guest on your vlog. Or you can be a guest writer in their little online magazine. Who knows!

Be consistent

You have your content plan, and your followers love you. To sustain that, you need to be consistent with your posting, so work out your schedule and the frequency of your materials. Every week or month, you may have a theme to follow. One important thing: always make sure that your posts are not tone-deaf. They should be sensitive, and they should be useful!

It’s all glitzy out there!

The world of influencers is not just about being glitzy and glamorous. As you become a full-time influencer, you will realize how many people are actually feeling inspired because of what you do—and that’s what matters more.

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