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Living Up The Cottagecore Aesthetic By Upgrading Your Garden To A Higher Level, Literally

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Through quarantine, a lot of people certainly made use of their isolation to finally catch up or discover new hobbies to alleviate their boredom and try to keep up with productivity. Some focused on their bodies and tried to perform their exercise routines. Some thought of cooking recipes, knitting, or even painting—and for some of us who thought of finally reconnecting with nature during the lockdown period: gardening.

Even if you already had a heart of green pre-pandemic, this period certainly made way for us to finally give our plants and shrubs the utmost care they deserve. Growing plants is certainly one therapeutic way of putting the mind at ease, especially with the overwhelming events in the outside world during the chaotic year of 2020. Reconnecting with nature certainly helped a lot with dissociating from reality, even if just temporarily. People who do gardening tend to feel a lot more:

  1. Patient.

    Growing and taking care of plants can sometimes be a tad too difficult, especially when it’s your first time. While growing them seems like such a long time, the joy and satisfaction you feel when they finally blossom to their full beauty are certainly priceless.

  2. Stress-free.

    It is a no-brainer fact that taking care of plants certainly positively affects our mental health. We can care for something and nurture them properly, and seeing tangible results boosts our happiness levels.

  3. Confident.

    When you can whip a delicious recipe in the kitchen, you automatically feel good about yourself because of your ability to create something with your skill. The same goes for gardening—when you can see changes when you nurture, till, and harvest your plants, you essentially become a better version of yourself even if you don’t realize it.

  4. Healthier.

    Gardening is not just a one-way activity. It involves a lot of steps that must be done carefully to keep your plants healthy and full. In doing so, you are also applying a subtle exercise routine to your lifestyle while also giving you a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun.

Beautifying your yard with a landscape garden is indeed one way to keep these traits up and many other positive ones. But the possibilities are endless, and you should not just stop right there. Why not take up your gardening game to a notch and extend it to the very top of your home?

Taking it up to the roof

Rooftop gardening is certainly one way to amp up your home’s cottagecore aesthetic, especially in the year 2021, where a lot of people finally appreciate western agricultural life. Cottagecore is the term popularly used to describe the atmosphere or the romanticized feeling of living in the countryside, and it certainly is one of the frontrunning trends these days. The one good thing about this trend is that not only is it embraced in the fashion industry, it is also a generally healthier and toxic-free lifestyle to adapt right in your own homes.

Think forests. Think fairies. Think magic woodland creatures. While this may be quite fantastical and far away from reality, the same atmosphere could be achieved when you apply this aesthetic right into your rooftop gardens. Not only it is beautiful, having rooftop gardens on your home helps in:


  1. Home insulation.

    Properties with roof gardens are one effective way of conserving energy, as they act as natural sound and temperature insulation. Especially with soils as a natural insulator plus the cooling effect of plants due to photosynthesis and transpiration, you will save a lot of cooling and heating costs when maintaining a roof garden.

  2. Stormwater management.

    With rooftop gardens being able to trap water and keep it from descending to the road, it helps manage the huge amounts of water during storms. Having the right roof material and installer also guarantees that your garden could withstand the pressure of holding water without worrying about the damages that could occur.

  3. Improving air quality.

    Having a greener roof will certainly help in freshening up the atmosphere in your home. Carbon dioxide emissions are the biggest contributor to the growing amount of greenhouse gases produced by our kind. Having a rooftop garden is one way to help reduce the emissions escaping in your area.

  4. Providing natural habitats.

    Destroying forests and other natural habitats hurts our environment, and providing a safe space for creatures such as birds where they can freely live without fear is a heartwarming way of helping them. Consider having a lot of flowering plants as these are common sources of food for our flying friends.

One way or another, having a rooftop garden is worth focusing your attention on. Not only does it amplify your lifestyle to its environmental best, but it also is a way to give back to nature. Having your garden in your back or front yards is one way of embodying a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Having a rooftop garden is just the optimal definition of living in an environmentally friendly way but style. You are giving back to nature and at the same time be in trend as well!

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