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Wrapping Your Bathroom in Black and White Tiles and Fixtures

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Black and white is a classic combination for a bathroom to look chic and clean. But black and white bathrooms are not a trend these days. They have been around for more than 100 years, ever since the Victorian era. White may be the most common choice for bathroom fixtures such as sinks, toilet bowls, and tubs. But they should also make a statement using black tiles, walls, and fixtures.

However, many homeowners are concerned about hard water. You might need to invest in a water softener system in Eagle Mountain or other cities to prevent water spots and stains. It is also important to have more information on how to decorate and maintain black and white bathrooms.

Paint, Don’t Tile

People are always going to choose tiling over painting, but that’s now how you should decide when it comes to decorating your bathroom. You should consider painting over your tiles. This will give you the option of removing the paint or repainting them when you change your mind. Black and white bathrooms are always going to be trendy. But it is also possible that you might not want it in the near future.

Begin with an Accent Wall

Your bathroom should have an accent wall. At first, you might want that accent wall to be painted black. That works better than painting all the walls in black. When you begin with an accent wall, you will have a chance to see if this color is what you really want.

Use Dark Flooring

If you are going to have a backsplash for your bathroom, make sure that it’s as dark as the flooring. That will create a nice balance with the white bathroom cabinets and stools. The backsplash and the flooring don’t have to be in the same color, but they have to follow the same dark shade.

Put up Wallpaper

If dark-painted tiles are not your thing, you can opt for black and white wallpaper. Use the wallpaper for the wall behind the vanity table. This will create a nice contrast against the rest of the bathroom walls. This is also the part of the bathroom that doesn’t get splashes of water.

Invest in Black Fixtures

black and white bathroom

It wasn’t long ago when all bathroom fixtures were made of some white materials. Forget about those. Invest in black and gold fixtures for the showerhead and faucets. They will make a nice contrast against the white sink or toilet bowl. However, you’ll have a hard time removing the calcium deposit from these fixtures. Make sure that you have a water softener system installed, too.

Choose Shiny over Flat

Choose shiny tiles or glossy black paint over flat or matte. The light bounces better when the tiles are glossy. This creates the illusion of more space in the bathroom. Glossy tiles are also easier to clean and maintain than matte tiles.

You can explore different elements with a black-and-white bathroom. You probably will be hard-pressed to make a wrong decorative element in this kind of theme. A black and white color scheme for a bathroom always has such an elegant and sophisticated appeal.

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