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Winter Season Safety: Reducing Accidents at Home

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Winter is a fun season to experience. You can do many activities and try new hobbies. However, it’s not without its dangers, such as accidents.

There are many ways to reduce the number of slips, trips, and falls in your home. This winter can be a dangerous time for you. You may think that there is no way to avoid the ice, snow, and wet pavement during this time of year, but there are many ways to reduce the number of slips, trips, and falls in your home. Here’s how:

Wear the Proper Footwear

Make sure to wear shoes with good traction on icy and snowy days. Avoid wearing high heels, sandals, or other open-toe shoes when outside. If your shoes do not have a good grip, consider adding studded rubber soles. Wearing the proper footwear will significantly reduce your chances of falling on slippery surfaces. The appropriate footwear for winter is often referred to as an ice cleat, snow cleat, or winter boot.

Wear Heated Socks

One of the best investments you can make is wearing heated socks on cold days outside. These socks are designed with small batteries that generate heat around your feet and lower legs. They will keep you warm without overheating your body. The heat will melt away all the ice and snow, so you can maintain mobility even when the weather is freezing.

Remove All Obstacles from Your Path

Where you walk matters a great deal when it comes to staying safe. Make sure that all obstacles are moved or removed before leaving your home. This includes anything that you could trip over. If it’s not in use, make sure to put these items out of the way.

Remove Loose Sheeting Covering Stairs

If you have stairs inside or outside your home, make sure to remove any loose sheets covering them. These sheets may be easily pulled down by a gust of wind, potentially causing you to trip and fall.

Use Non-Slip Mats

Place non-slip mats in areas of your home that are prone to slips and falls, like:

  • Shower and bathtub floors
  • Kitchen floors (near the sink, stove, or refrigerator)
  • Entranceway floors (in front of doors and by stairs)
  • Anywhere you walk to go outside (i.e., garage door area, back door area)

Be Cautious on Ladders

Using a ladder in winter or any other season can be dangerous business. You should never use an aluminum ladder in freezing temperatures because it becomes very brittle at that temperature and may break under your weight.

Remove Ice with Caution

Use a shovel, salt, or ice melt to remove ice from your sidewalks, steps, and driveway. Be careful when removing the ice, as it can be slippery. Take your time and be cautious.

Stay Vigilant During Snow Removal

If you decide to shovel snow from your driveway and sidewalks, be wary and stay vigilant. Shoveling snow can lead to a great deal of physical activity and can cause you to become weak or fatigued. Make sure that there is someone with you at all times. If it’s too much, you can hire snow removal services to do the task for you.

Watch Your Step

Take your time when walking around your home. Look where you are stepping and avoid walking in areas recently cleaned (i.e., wet floors, newly mopped floors).

Use Handrails

When using stairs, make sure to hold onto a handrail for support. This will help reduce your chances of slipping. If you don’t have handrails on your stairs, consider adding them.

Store Items Safely

Ensure to store items that may cause a fall (i.e., boxes, newspapers, tools) in a safe area. Also, avoid placing items in walkways as they can cause you to trip. Store them where they won’t get in your way.

Clean Your Home

Make sure to clean your home thoroughly and often, especially if you have pets or small children. Doing so will help reduce the number of falls during this winter season. Clean your house by:

  • Decluttering walkways and removing obstacles from your home
  • Wiping up spills immediately
  • Cleaning wet floors right after you’re done using them
  • Not leaving wet floors for later (i.e., taking a bath, mopping the floor, and leaving it until later)

Warn Others of Ice and Snow

If your friends or family visit while it is snowing, try to warn them about icy patches. If they slip and fall, they may hold you liable. Give ample warning when inviting other people over. This way, they are aware of what they will see when they arrive at your place.

If You Do Fall, Stay Calm

If you do happen to fall, make sure to stay calm. This will prevent further injury. Try to get up as safely as possible and seek medical attention if necessary.

Winter can be a dangerous time for you. Maintaining mobility during this time of year is important to keep your home safe and prevent slips, trips, or falls. We hope our tips have given you some valuable insight into how you can stay safer inside your home while the snow piles up outside.

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