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Window Replacement vs. Siding Installation

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Window replacement and vinyl siding installation in Utah, Idaho, or anywhere else in America can be excellent investments.

Unlike repairs, capital improvements such as these projects can reduce your tax liability when you resell your house down the road. Since they increase the overall value of your property, the Internal Revenue Service allows you to add your expenses to the cost basis of your home come resale. The higher your cost basis, the lower your capital gain, on which you might be required to pay tax.

Furthermore, window replacement and siding installation projects can improve your house’s thermal enclosure system. Both improvements can boost your home’s ability to reduce heat transfer significantly, regulating the indoor climate and lowering your utility costs noticeably. In other words, they can pay for themselves over time.

But which project should you prioritize? Many homeowners decide based on which one needs more attention. But let us say both your windows and siding panels need a makeover, how should you approach your house exterior improvement?

Do Both at the Same Time

The simple answer is to roll both projects into one, and experienced contractors recommend this strategy. Apart from convenience, cost reduction not only on labor but also materials is another benefit.

Window replacement and siding installation are interrelated; they can affect each other significantly. If you do the former first, your windows need to be recapped because the existing capping is likely to be damaged when new siding panels are installed.

But if you do the siding first, a portion of it needs to be cut to add the moisture barrier for the window frame. Although the affected part of the siding can be fixed, the outcome may not be as pretty as you expect.

Focus on the Windows If You Can’t Afford Both

Combining window and siding makeovers is easier said than done. In practice, it can blow your budget. If you must choose, home improvement experts suggest prioritizing window replacement. After all, this task is what a contractor does first when siding installation is part of the job order.

Although this means that your windows have to be capped twice, the change will not be distinguishable since the exposed exterior frames will get brand-new protective covering. In terms of aesthetics, this is the sensible route to take.

But then again, you have to consider the costs of recapping. If multiple windows are in question, capping all of them again can make a hole in your wallet.

Hire the Right Contractor for the Job

Man washing vinyl siding by hand with brushWhether you tackle both projects at the same time or choose one to prioritize for whatever reason, it is imperative to hire a contractor that specializes in windows and siding systems. Understand that most home improvement professionals are not experts in everything. Some are only set up to repair while others do installation only.

Scrutinize the credentials of your prospective contractors. Read reviews, assess their Better Business Bureau profiles, and check out their past projects to make a good hiring decision.

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