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Three Tips for an Effortless Wrought Iron Fence Maintenance

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Wrought iron fences are a great option if you want to protect your property from intruders and even intrusive animals that may try to enter your yard. Not only are they exquisite, but they also add sophistication to a property, as well. However, a poorly maintained iron fence can be unsightly, which can affect your home’s entire curb appeal.

To protect your fence against rust, you need special tools and materials to add a layer of protection to it. Doing so will help remove the existing rust as well as prevent it from occurring in the future. So, to help you get started, here are a few things that you can do to rustproof your wrought iron fence in Beverly Hills.

Assess its condition

Take a closer look at your iron fence and check for any signs of rust. Doing so will help determine the severity of rust as well as the dirt that is on your fence.

If your fence has been around for several years and is continuously exposed to high humidity and salty air, then you will see a few rust spots on its surface. You should also try to check for any heavy rusting such as loose rust and have all the tools that you need ready.

Remove the light and heavy rust

If the rust is already flaking and loose, you can use a paint scraper or even a disc sander that has coarse sandpaper to eliminate the heavier rust. Cover your mouth with a face mask and a goggle to protect your eyes.

Meanwhile, if you notice any rust formation that has not started flaking yet, then you can use a 120 to 160-grit sandpaper to remove the rust on its surface. If you don’t have any available sandpaper, you can remove the rust using a stiff metal brush instead.

Once you have completely removed the light rust, you can apply a layer of commercial rust cleaner to it by dipping your wire brush directly into it. Then, use it on the fence surface on a circular motion.

Wash it off

iron fence

You can complete it by using a garden hose to eliminate any leftover rust, dirt and excess rust cleaner. Once you have thoroughly washed it off, then try to check the surface for any remaining dust or rust debris. If there is still a lot, then you can try redoing the previous steps to help remove the remaining debris.

You should let the surface to dry in the sun then use fine steel wool to help restore its natural look. You can check the surface to find the bare metal facades and apply a rust-resistant primer to protect it against potential rust damage in the future. You can seal it off by using a fresh coat of paint or rust resistant sealer.

Learning how to protect your wrought iron fence is a great way to ensure that it will last. Although it is known to be a sturdy material, it still needs a few maintenance steps to ensure that it will last.

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