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Main Door Feng Shui: How to Achieve the Right One

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Feng Shui is a Chinese term that translates to Wind (Feng) and Water (Shui). In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health. So Feng Shui became more commonly known as good fortune. It has been practiced by ancient Chinese for over 3,000 years and includes various aspects and elements from physics, astrology, and astronomy among others. Because its goal is to help the flow of Qi, it is also known as the art of placement.

Proper placing of things at home like doors, windows, and furniture, can affect the flow of your Qi, which in turn can affect your life. Achieving the right Feng Shui starts with your main door. Door replacement services in Utah can be sought if your current door placement is wrong to improve your home’s Qi flow.

How to achieve the right Feng Shui for your main door.

Remove obstacles to your front door

The goal of arranging your home to have good Feng Shui is to allow Qi to come in. This means your place should be welcoming. Removing obstacles leading to your front door is important. Steps and plants are common obstacles. If you cannot reach your house easily, chances are the Qi cannot too.

Door opening

Your door opening should be inwards. This is a sign that the Qi energy is welcomed into your home and your life.

Color and elements

The color of your door matters in attracting Qi. In ancient Feng Shui beliefs, a red main door is a good sign. However, modern Feng Shui dictates that the color of y our door will be dependent on which direction it is facing. Adding other elements like wood and metal can also affect the Qi flow in your home.


Replace burned out lights outside your door and make sure your home is properly lighted. Good lighting invites Qi.

Spice it up with Feng Shui decors

Having a well-lighted front entrance can pose some security threats depending on your location. To make sure that your home is secure, you can use small Foo Dogs and place it on both sides of your door. It does not have to be huge, a small one discreetly place is enough. Foo Dogs symbolizes security. This, along with other Feng Shui decors, like plants and succulents can invite good luck to your home.
Keep the inside area clean and clear

Entrance hallway interior house
Aside from having a clear Feng Shui flow outside it is essential to lead it inside as well. Having a landing space for your Qi like a table center or rug would be beneficial. Making sure that your door opens to a clear space also matters. Removing clutter in your door’s opening will make a lot of difference.

Your main door is more than just an entrance for people. It is also an entrance for good fortune to enter your home. Keep it in a good place and shape and welcome the Qi openly and see how it affects your life for the better.

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