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Why Image is Everything for Businesses

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You can offer the best products and provide the best services, but if you don’t have the image to match, you will not reach your full potential. The business may even be considered to have an identity crisis if it doesn’t know how to position itself for its target market. The truth is, in business, it’s not enough to have your manufacturing processes figured out and to get good reviews on your initial shipment. The way you present your business to the world also means a lot.

Cleanliness Means Good Things

Who will trust a business located in the unpaved, unsafe parts of Kansas City? Even if you were located in the business hub, if you refuse to repair cracks on the parking lot, driveways, or ramps, you’re showing customers that you do not care about their safety. You’re making an even worse statement if the sidewalk is unsafe for pedestrians.

When you have a physical store, the goal is to invite customers to enter. If you don’t schedule concrete repairs and maintenance work for your store, you are saying that you want their money, but you don’t care about the threats that unsafe surroundings present. Accessibility and comfort are two things to take care of when planning your shop. These are things you will deal with differently if you’re running an online business, as no one gets hurt trying to click the buy button, but for a location that is expecting foot traffic daily, you cannot ignore these safety concerns.

The Case of Supreme

Supreme has outgrown its image as an equipment provider for skaters by skaters. Now, it’s known as a big name in streetwear. The limited amount in each drop increases the demand and, consequently, the value of each item. Supreme also doesn’t release further stocks of products, which means if a customer misses a chance to buy it, they will not be able to buy it from Supreme’s official stores at a later date.

Collectors go through great lengths to get their hands on Supreme merchandise — with prices at least doubled to get sellers a profit. The brand uses affordable exclusivity to their advantage, and that’s exactly what you can do for your business as well. Provide a few items, but make sure they are of the best quality.

Reaching Out to Influencers


Influencer marketing is one of the reasons you get more exposed to the latest products, especially in the fashion and fitness industry. Not everyone pays attention to runway and couture, but when your favorite artists and personalities wear certain items, you pay attention. Then, even vloggers and Instagram stars get access.

This doesn’t come free, but connecting with influencers improves the reach of your product and lends it the glamour of being worn by a celebrity. Artists weren’t exactly known for their clothes on tour until Harry Styles paraded around in a plethora of printed Gucci suits onstage. Now, everyone is all about loud and colorful prints.

From Supreme to Gucci to smaller brands, there is much to gain from a little class. Your aim is to sell, but pay attention to how you’re selling your products.

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