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Let Your Commercial Property Thrive

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While commercial real estate makes a lucrative investment destination, you need to overcome steep competition in the sector. Finding creative ways tend to your client needs entices them to stick with you for a long time.

Hiring a commercial masonry contractor in Connecticut can give your facility a much-needed edge on the market. Using a masonry system lets you put up a structurally sound building quickly. Not only that, a masonry building is less susceptible to fire compared to the standard ones. That makes it safer, which is a high selling point for you. In addition to using the masonry system, you can go a few steps further to let your property stand out from the rest.

Create beautiful lawns

People are drawn to velvety green lawns as the vast swathes of lush grass confer a feeling peace and tranquility to them. That is in addition to providing a carpet-like walking or playing surface. Such sights are becoming something of a rarity as many cities turn into concrete jungles.

A growing number of studies shows that people derive a host of health benefits from spending time in an environment with lots of green plants. Installing a lawn helps your tenants reap these benefits without leaving the comfort of their home or office buildings. As people wake up to these benefits, there’s a growing demand for such workspaces.

Most tenants are willing to pay top dollars to secure a home or an office space in such an environment. That gives your commercial facility an instant edge on the market, which is crucial to driving up occupancy levels. It also enables you to command premium rental rates and grow your profit margins.

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Embrace green technology

In the world where energy costs are always on the upswing, most people appreciate an opportunity to escape burdensome bills. Embracing green technology helps you meet these goals. You can ensure that your tenants never have to contend with skyrocketing water and heating bills.

You can harness the benefits of green technology when putting up a new building or retrofitting an existing one. Best of all, you don’t have to incur a fortune in cost to harness the power of green technology. It can boil down to the choice of building and roofing materials and installing water and energy systems in the building.

Increasing the insulation capacity of a building using cheap, recyclable materials such as cellulose is an excellent way to lower the heating bills. Installing water-efficient toilets and low-flow showerheads and faucets helps to conserve water and reduce the bills. Passing on these benefits to your tenants ensure that they stick with you for a long time, reducing your turnover rates.

Real estate properties make a superb investment vehicle as the demand for rental spaces continues to grow. However, you need to give your property an edge on the market to raise your occupancy levels. Embracing green building technology and creating a beautiful environment around it makes it more appealing to tenants. That keeps your occupancy levels high and gives you the liberty of charging premium rental prices.

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