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When Plantation Shutter Installation Shouldn’t Be DIYed

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The DIY culture in America is strong and pervasive. All generations have an affinity for skipping professional service, but the millennials tend to like getting their hands dirty.

According to HomeAdvisor’s 2017 True Cost Survey, six out of 10 millennials DIY home projects. Although the cost of labor is partly the reason behind this finding, mistrust is the other. Many millennials feel that they are not being offered a fair price. If you wonder if you can DIY the installation of your new plantation shutters in New Jersey, you definitely can. But the question is: should you?

Technically, shutter installation is not a specialty trade, but it deciding not to hire a professional may not produce good results. Below are the risks of DIYing this project:

  1. You May Get Hurt

Plantation shutters are heavy and hefty. Carrying them around, let alone putting them in place, is not a one-person job. You need a capable hand to help you move such large units of solid material around. Dropping them can not only damage your property but also injure someone severely.

Do-it-yourselfers do not realize how hard it is to be in the shoes of professionals until they decide to pull the trigger on an improvement beyond their ability. Trained installers, on the contrary, prevent accidents and achieve efficiency by mastering proven methods and using the proper equipment.

  1. You May Take Incorrect Measurements

DIYers can order made-to-order shutters online. The units, with supplies, are then shipped to a buyer’s doorstep for non-pro installation. This business model might be convenient, but the catch is that you have to measure the openings yourself.

It should go without saying that precise measurement is everything to made-to-measure products. One mistake spells disaster. Even worse, you might not be allowed to ship the unfit unit and to get a refund.

But when you opt for professional service, expect to get the VIP treatment. An experienced consultant will visit your home, assist you with the design of each unit, and take accurate measures for you.

  1. You Might Botch the Project

Shutter installation might not be as complicated and dangerous as electrical and plumbing work, but it requires a certain level of proficiency. There are several how-to videos online, but you can’t become an expert overnight after watching them.

One of the consequences of poor workmanship is getting the product warranty nullified. From a manufacturer’s perspective, you committed the mistake, so you should take accountability for it.

Reputable installers stand behind their work. In case a unit malfunctions due to an installation-related defect, they return to investigate the problem and fix it at no cost on your part.

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  1. You Might Violate Building Requirements

If you are adding shutters to your house, you might have to pull a permit to let the authorities know about your project. Taking out the license on your own means that you have to answer to the inspector, which is no easy task.

But if you do not apply for a permit for your shutter addition, you can get penalized since it can affect the structural integrity of your house. To avoid all of these hassles, let professionals handle everything.

Some people are gifted with DIYing skills, but self-respecting do-it-yourselfers know their limitations. Hiring a professional for your plantation shutter installation should be a no-brainer, and do due diligence to make sure that you do not get ripped off.

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