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Daily Habits that Protect Your Home from Clogged Drains

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Clogged drains are a nuisance to a homeowner due to the mess they cause in a home in Woodbridge. Also, they affect the normal operation of a plumbing system, bringing most activities in the home at a halt. With the inconvenience that clogged drains cause, most people try to be careful to prevent the dreaded occurrence from taking place. However, there are other people who deal with clogged drains in their homes time and again because they do not know what causes the clogs. Clogged drains require home plumbing repair services to eliminate the clogs. However, homeowners can have some daily habits in the home to protect the plumbing system and avoid the occurrence of clogged drains. Some of these include:

Using Drain Screens

Changing the drains in your home is a critical step to prevent clogs from forming. Bathtubs, showers, bathroom sinks, and kitchen sinks allow for the integration of drain screens. The drain screens capture any debris in your wastewater before it goes to the drains.

Flushing Only Toilet Paper

Although the toilet drains waste, it is not advisable to use it as a bin. The only product that can go down the toilet and not cause any issue is toilet paper. Other paper-related products including feminine products cannot disintegrate and therefore get stuck in your drain. This will cause backups in the toilet which can be challenging to handle.

Using Stoppers in the Bathroom

Dirt and hair from bathing activities can get into the drain and cause clogs. Drain stoppers trap these substances and prevent them from going further the drain. Clean the drain stoppers every so often so that the debris does not accumulate and cause a clog. It is an easy process to clean the stoppers when there is less buildup of debris.

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Not Letting Grease in Your Drains

The cooking activities in the kitchen will involve grease at one point. Although it may seem easy to pour the grease or cooking oil in the kitchen sink, the grease causes clogs in the drain. That happens because grease solidifies under normal temperature. The solid grease builds up over time and becomes a major clog. Instead of pouring the grease in your drains, throw in the trash to protect your drains.

Not Pouring Food Substances

Some kitchen sinks have garbage disposals that can handle solid food substances. However, if your drains do not have the disposals, they cannot handle the solid food substances. Therefore, clean all the food remains on plates before loading them in the dishwasher or washing them. Solid food substances account for a large part of the causes of clogs in kitchen sinks and drains.

Embracing and adopting these daily habits can prove to be useful for a homeowner. First, you will never have to deal with clogged drains and the mess they cause. Second, you prolong the service life of your plumbing system. Therefore, always contact a plumbing company that deals with home plumbing repair and maintenance services for further guidance on protecting your plumbing system.

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