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What to Do When Your Kid Knocks Out a Tooth

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You cannot expect to be with your child all the time, especially if you have an active kid. That is why it is always best to be prepared for anything that could happen.

Being active in sports or any other physical activity makes children prone to injuries, including knocking a tooth. If your child loses a tooth earlier than anticipated, do not fret. Losing a tooth may not look dangerous, but it is still highly advisable to reach out to the dentist if needed.

What age does a child shed a tooth?

Most toddlers start losing their teeth around the age of six. Wiggly teeth will begin to appear at an earlier age. The front teeth on both jaws are usually the first primary teeth to fall out. Next are the lateral incisors, molars and the canines. The primary teeth only shed once the child’s permanent teeth are about to erupt. However, there are times when your kid’s tooth can get knocked out accidentally.

When your child’s teeth get knocked out

The first thing that you need to remember is not to panic. Comfort your kid as best as you can and reinsert the tooth if possible. To try and control the bleeding, place a piece of sterile gauze over the empty socket. Then, ask your toddler to bite down on it or try to hold it in place. You should do your best to avoid putting your finger on the root of the tooth when you are handling it.

Then, rinse the tooth in milk if it seems dirty. Remember to put a plug in the sink so that you will not accidentally lose it down the drain. Never scrub the lost tooth to avoid damaging any of the attached tissue. Then, gently replace the tooth in its socket or place it in a bottle filled with milk. Do not wrap it in a tissue or let it dry because it will only reduce the chances of getting it reattached.

Lastly, take your child to an emergency dental care clinic in South Jordan as soon as you can. Make sure to have the tooth with you so the dentist can check if it is possible to reattach it.

What happens when a child loses a tooth?

Child showing her loose tooth

Losing baby teeth is normal for every child. However, losing it unexpectedly because of an accident or injury can cause problems. Baby teeth that got forced into their gum tend to damage the sprouting teeth underneath them. Thus, causing permanent teeth to become crooked.

Even more, it can also cause your child to develop a few eating problems. Fortunately, dentists can prevent this by inserting a specially designed space maintainer until the permanent teeth are ready to emerge.

There is still a chance for your child’s knocked-out permanent tooth to get reattached. That is why it is best to check with your child’s dentist to get it done quickly. You can also check if there are any alternative options if ever reattaching it is no longer possible.

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