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What Makes Up a Masterplanned Community?

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We all want a great place to live in. We want not only a beautiful home but also a safe and secure neighbourhood. Well, with a masterplanned community, you get to have a desirable and attractive home you can call your own and at the same time, a neighbourhood that offers you the amenities that you need. Here are some guidelines for creating such a community.

Natural Environment

A masterplanned community aims to retain the natural environment consisting of some 30 hectares of open spaces or more, preserve its natural habitat and make it more attractive and pleasant to live in. The plan is to create a very healthy and high-quality lifestyle with access to cycling and walking parks and other amenities in vast open spaces that you cannot find in other communities.


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A well-planned community is always strategically situated and is very close to amenities such as schools, shopping districts, hospitals and major thoroughfares. This makes daily living easy and convenient for all residents.

Smart Investment

It is financially sound and secure to invest in a masterplanned community. Many property experts agree that it is less likely to be affected by any economic meltdown. Many prospective homebuyers see houses in this estate as rather desirable since they offer convenient amenities and recreational facilities for inhabitants.

Best practices in terms of design, development and land use planning are implemented in these communities to create a well-designed neighbourhood that is conducive for family life. Builders and contractors in Townsville are included in the planning. The planned community offers top-notch architectural designs for their homes and other amenities.

This ensures that your entire neighbourhood is well planned and designed with facilities that can best complement each and every one. A masterplanned community is designed to protect your investment. It has high-quality planning and designs to help craft the best possible image for the estate and the community as a whole.

High Standards

Structural and building covenants demand that some standards are kept and maintained with regards to the construction, renovation or landscaping of homes in masterplanned communities. These particular guidelines also apply to your neighbours and nearby facilities. You can thus expect nothing but high standards when it comes to housing design, landscaping and overall maintenance.

Appealing Streetscape

One focus of masterplanned communities is to enhance, and not inhibit, various architectural designs and styles from being implemented. As a matter of fact, the provided designs and amenities are created in such a way that they complement each other affording harmony and a very attractive streetscape. For instance, no two homes shall be built extremely close to each other.

The goal of a masterplanned community is to offer a place where people share the exact same insights and values and enjoy a high-quality and better living experience. Serenity, security and safety have all been figured out in the careful planning of the entire neighbourhood. As such, you can rest assured that you will be living in a neighbourhood with a strong sense of community and camaraderie.

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