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Why More Teens Are Suffering from Anxiety

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Why More Teens Are Suffering from Anxiety

The cases of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems among teenage kids all over the world have been continuously increasing in the past 10 years. This is a call to action for many parents and adults to do something about the rising mental health issues among the young generation.

There are several factors that lead teens to suffer from depression or anxiety. And one that has a great impact on them is their constant exposure to social media. Whatever they see on social media and the internet affects how they see themselves, particularly their body image.

Anyone can suffer from depression and anxiety

Many factors affect the mental health of teens. The image that the media presents to them poses the most significant threat. Experts say that the growth of digital media impacts the lives of the younger generation more than older people.

A lot of adults assume that they will know if their children feel depressed or anxious by merely looking at them. But, these mental conditions are not easily recognizable that way. It holds true especially since most of the symptoms resemble typical teenage behavior.

Depression and anxiety can cripple teenagers if left untreated. It can affect their performance in school. Even worse, it can lead them to suffer from substance abuse and even suicide. That is why it is crucial to recognize the signs before it is too late.

Signs that your teen has a mental health problem

talking to a psychiatrist

Anxiety often exhibits itself during childhood or the adolescent stage. There are also kids who show signs of stress as early as kindergarten. Most young children show symptoms when they get separated from their parents. It is what most experts call as separation anxiety. It is also known as the fear of being away from certain people in their lives.

Meanwhile, older kids often show signs of anxiety disorder during their adolescent years. Some also suffer from social anxiety disorders or phobias. The symptoms will soon progress during the significant changes in their lives.

Teens who have been suffering from anxiety at an early age say that it has been there all along. The only thing that prevents it from getting worse is the support that they get from their parents and a few school staff. But once they lose their safety crutches, anxiety will soon start to set in.

Other symptoms of anxiety in teenagers are the constant feelings of tension and hopelessness. They also experience drastic changes in sleeping patterns, such as sleeping less or more than usual. They feel restless and avoid any activities that cause them to feel anxious.

Experts say that intense fear can even cause them to experience panic attacks that usually last for a couple of minutes. If you notice any signs that your child is suffering from anxiety, then it is best to reach out to an expert about it.

Establishments such as Eva Carlston Academy have excellent reviews for their art therapy approach to treating teenagers who are suffering from mental health problems. If you feel like your child needs help, act on it now before it progresses.

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