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Wear Creativity on Your Sleeve… Even at Home

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Streetwear has always been a staple in mainstream fashion. Celebrities and ordinary individuals all over the world have been seen with graphic t-shirts and skateboard shoes. If you are into streetwear culture or fashion, in general, how have you been coping with staying at home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay at home for several months now due to the quarantine protocols that need to be observed. We have been working or studying from home for a long period. Some of us may have had difficulties with adjusting to the new daily routine. This may have caused certain negative side effects such as experiencing anxiety.

There has been a growing need for new hobbies and interests during the lockdown period. People all over the world have been looking for hobbies such as baking, dancing, and crafts. If you are a fashion enthusiast, what have you been doing for the past months without going out of the house?

Here are ideas on how you can express your style even while you stay at home.

Pandemic Hobbies and Fashion

Have you been feeling eager to go out simply to show off your outfits? The pandemic has affected the streetwear culture and it is acceptable if you have new ideas in mind that you want to show off.

If you have been longing to express your style, feel free to be expressive even at home! Find ways to creatively express yourself whether through clothes, cosmetics, or even physical activity.

Graphic t-shirts have long been included in streetwear culture. Brands such as Supreme and Off-White are known for their graphic t-shirts. Many other brands have copied some known brands and adapted the streetwear idea to their brand’s style. While in quarantine, you can try designing your own streetwear. Simply come up with a concept and look for a t-shirt screen printing service to help you execute your idea. Make sure to take a selfie while wearing your new shirt!

Visual art is also involved in street culture. Street art including graffiti is oftentimes a looked down upon form of self-expression. The legal concerns surrounding this art form vary from each area so there is still a debate whether it can be considered a part of our culture or if it is a crime. If you are into the visual arts, you can instead practice the techniques of street art and graffiti on canvas or even your bedroom wall instead. Making art can help alleviate the stress you may be currently feeling due to the pandemic.

Nowadays, music tastes vary depending on the generation. Trending music genres change swiftly due to social media and digital advances. There are many online platforms where you can stream and listen to different types of music legally and for free. Listening to music allows you to express yourself freely through sound.


The rise of TikTok has also led to the increase in dance trends all over the world. Several dance crazes have already resulted from the popularity of the said platform. If you are looking for a way to get physically active, TikTok may be the platform for you. It is an entertaining social media site that can keep you engaged for hours.

These new hobbies and interests are all part of youth culture that is still lively and full of zest despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to keep this spirit up especially since we are dealing with uncertain times.

Value of Creative Expression

As mentioned, the global health crisis has taken a toll on our daily lives and many of us have had trouble adjusting to the many changes that the current circumstances have brought upon us. Despite this, there are many solutions to staying calm and happy during this time. Many options for creative expression are available to everyone as mentioned previously.

Why is creative expression important during this pandemic?

Creative expression, apart from serving as entertainment and a productive pastime for kids and adults alike, allows us to identify certain emotions that we can’t seem to express verbally. This is important especially today when we may not notice negative emotions sprouting up due to the blurred lines among the days.

Different types of creative expression allow us to work through our emotions no matter how difficult. It is a new way of expressing our thoughts and subconscious ideas that may have been bothering us all this time.

Apart from these, exploring our creativity allows us to bridge connections with others. Being creative can be a collaborative pursuit especially among families. This allows opportunities for connection between familiar faces.

Staying creative, whether through street culture elements or other ways, is important during this time. Make sure to engage with creative projects during the quarantine period to be able to take care of your overall well-being.

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