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Unique Home Designs to Make Your Home More Glamorous

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Are you getting tired of how your home looks? Being stuck inside because of the pandemic can make anyone bored of their home. If you haven’t gotten a good look at it before because of work, then you may have realized that it could use more personality and flare. Fortunately, now is a great time to make some changes.

Changing up your home doesn’t necessarily mean making renovations. It can just be rearranging furniture or having a whole new design. Creating a new interior design layout can make a huge difference in making a home appear good as new. If you’re not sure what to add, consider these cool ideas.

Starry Light Floors

Pretend like you’re walking through the galaxies by installing some starry light floors. Think of them as small lights that are embedded on the tiles. It’s a great way to light a room at night. You can look at the stars at any time, even if it’s a cloudy night. For practicality, these are great for creating minimal lighting that doesn’t crowd a space. Children who need nightlights to sleep would love these as well.

When you’re thinking of getting these installed, then you need to plan it thoroughly. You have to make sure that the tiling and lights are also covered to prevent water from getting into the lights. This will cause electrical damage and a potential fire hazard. If you want to place them in a location that will likely get wet, such as bathrooms, you can install fiber optic lights instead. It is often used to create light in small places.

Installing fixtures that require some rewiring cannot be done by yourself. In this case, get in touch with a home electrical services company. They can better advise you on adding the new lights and include a separate switch for it once they get a permit.

Cabinet Stairs

Want to save space in your home? Converting unused spaces into cabinets is a great way to do that. One area, in particular, that is often neglected is the space below the stairs. Some people turn it into rooms, but others make it into a free area. What you can is close the entire area below and install shelves or cabinets. The doors or shelves could be at the side of the stairs. There are even some that make the steps themselves as drawers.

Most people have a lot of clutter at home because they have no more space to put them. Without a fixed storage area, they are just piled over each other or sent to the attic. This way, you can have more options and make your home more organized.

When making these, make sure there is an extra layer of wood between the actual storage and the steps. This is to protect the items inside from the pressure of the steps. You can also look into choosing sturdier material so that it won’t bend over time.

mural on a wall

Mural Walls

Showcase your artistic skills by making your walls into works of art. Nobody ever said that walls had to be patterned colors or plain. It makes your home a lot livelier and more unique. This can also help improve your health while you are on lockdown. Studies found that engaging in creative activities can improve your mental health. This can be seen as a sort of exercise for your brain and a way to destress.

You can add little icons or beautiful patterns to every room. Nature-themed designs are common in household designs. Most people would use eggshell paint because it can layer well. Some even take it a step further and get glow-in-the-dark color. It’s also called phosphorescent or luminous paint, and it generally glows in a greenish or bluish tint.

Window Seats

Ever wanted to have your own spot at home where you can relax or read? Window seats are an excellent and unique addition to every home. It adds elegance and a bit of a vintage look to your design. You can also use that space to stare at nature while you meditate or do other tasks.

From an interior design perspective, window seats are a great way to make use of dead space. Instead of adding more items, you can convert a window into a seated one for a more functional design. It also adds more seats without actually increasing the number of chairs. As a result, you don’t take up more floor space or make the space more cramped.

With these ideas, you can add more style to your home and give your space a unique feel. Creating a stylish home doesn’t have to be demanding and break the bank.

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