Ways to Add Value to Your Home

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Most people do not buy a residential property with the intention of selling. They do so because they want a home in which to raise their families and live their lives. Even so, it doesn’t hurt adding value to it and making it prettier, even if it is only for yourself.

Here are four interesting ways to do it.

Curb Appeal

The term cub appeal details how attractive properties look when first seen from the street. Unless the real estate agent assisting you in selling your house uses virtual and augmented reality, the first thing prospective buyers will see when they visit your place is what it looks like on the outside. A great home will stand out among its peers and be recognized from afar.

But how can this look be achieved? If your house is not located on a street corner or lacks its neighbors’ size, is it even possible to do? Of course, all homes look different, and no matter what you do to them, some will be more appealing. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort to make your home’s exteriors as enticing as possible.

For starters, you should take care of the grass, trees, and plants. Even though you can probably do this yourself, a better idea would be to look into a company with expertise in residential or commercial mower services. Studies show the job a reputable vendor does on your property will not only make it stunning but also increase its value by up to 12%.

More Living Space

If your house can fit three people instead of two, it will be more valuable. It is common sense. The question, therefore, lies in finding that extra space without having to expand horizontally. A few ideas you could take a look at include:

  • Adding multi-function to an attic.
  • Transforming an indoor car park into a home gym or lounge.
  • Adding space to your kitchen by making your garden or backyard smaller.
  • Decreasing the size of your master bedroom. If you live alone or you and your spouse don’t need so much space, a part of your bedroom could become a small reading room or study.

The key is to create space within the boundaries of what you already have. By using your imagination and a few changes here and there, your house will become larger without actually having to change in size.

Open Environments

There is nothing that makes your property look small more than having too many walls and divisions. In reality, a non-structural wall is only a few inches in depth. Yet, from a visual perspective, it takes up much more space than that. The same goes for doors. Whether they are made of wood, glass, metal, or a combination of all three, they limit the distance you can see. As a result, they often create a sense of claustrophobia and confinement.

The modern houses of today don’t need to follow old architectural designs and construction rules. Who says you shouldn’t be able to see the kitchen from your living room? Why should there be a wall to divide your dining area and the main entrance hall?

The beauty of open environments is found in perception. A small apartment with an open-area design and the appropriate furniture will look much more spacious than a larger one overflowing with partitions. Remember, size is many times a matter of personal awareness, not reality. If people think your house is big, they will pay more for it. As such, the importance of creating open environments cannot be undermined.

white bathroom

Bathrooms and Showers

If you have ever been to Japan, you will know that all homes have only one shower and only one bathroom. It doesn’t matter if your apartment is located in a neighborhood of high-wealth individuals or a town in the countryside. You will never find two toilet seats inside the same house. You will see separate toilet and shower areas and an individual sink inside each one of them.

The idea of separate toilets and showers is based on maximizing space and creating efficiency. Nevertheless, neither one of them is the same as having added value. To put it bluntly, the more bathrooms and showers you have, the better. Even if you have to sacrifice space in other areas such as the living room or kitchen, adding one more restroom is something you should consider.

Four ways to add value to your house are increasing its curb appeal, having more living spaces, creating open environments, and building an extra bathroom or two. They will not only make your property more attractive to prospective buyers but also a nicer, more comfortable, more convenient place to live for you and your loved ones.

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