Mastering the Rustic Industrial Design Mix

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There was a time when people love to stick with one interior design style and using it for their entire home. But nowadays, combining different styles is becoming a trend, especially for those who want aesthetics that are far from ordinary. Two of the styles that are proven to naturally work together are rustic and industrial.

Rustic style is associated with cozy vintage-style cottages and minimalist white cabin spaces. It uses the elements of handmade wooden accessories, warm classic furnishings, and a neutral palette for a welcoming and homey ambiance. Industrial, on the other hand, is often associated with streamlined loft spaces and converted warehouse homes. Its architecture puts emphasis on utilitarian furniture, rugged materials, and a graphic palette for a bold and livable vibe.

This combo balances the warmth of rustic furnishing and the sleekness of modern industrial features, making your space looking unique and cool yet still very cozy. Interested in incorporating this modern style into your living space? Use our design tips below to help you get started.

  1. Mix old and modern elements

There’s no strict rule to follow when it comes to mixing and matching older inspired architectural details with modern contemporary charm. You’re free to create a unique setup that still leans toward the rustic and modern side. You can get with a distressed leather sofa or a sleek black couch for your living room, use an open shelf made of wood and wrought iron for your storage solutions, or hang your flat-screen TV in your exposed wall. The options are endless. Mix and match decorative elements that suit your taste!

  1. Open up the space

Urban lofts are among the modern inspirations and elements that lead to the creation of industrial design, and one of its features is an open floor plan. A perfect example of an open plan is connecting a kitchen island and cooking space with your industrial rustic living room. You can even add a dining table if you got extra space.

If you prefer to go bold, you can have a raised floor or mezzanine for your bed space and keep your night area open. In case you don’t have the height or budget to build a mezzanine, just use other features to partly separate your bedroom from the rest of the home. You can use a sliding barn door, a curtain, or a bookshelf as your ‘wall’ so you can still have privacy in your sleeping area without breaking the open floor layout.

If your space is quite small, take those internal walls down and bright in as much natural light as you can to make your home feel bigger. You may also use movable partitions or area rugs to create separation between your space’s functional areas.

  1. Utilize metal accents

At first, using metals is just for plumbing and lighting applications. But today, iron and steel have also made their way to various components of interior spaces. Add rustic metals and wrought iron to your space to achieve a rustic vibe, and have that structural and hardware look in your space. Metals such as copper, brushed nickel, or cast iron are also an excellent accent for a modern industrial space. For instance, using black metal accents can add character to a dull interior. You can easily buy such materials from professional metal fabricators or your local furniture and home decor shops.

  1. Leave details exposed

Another unique character of a rustic industrial interior is leaving structural elements and finishes exposed. For instance, you can hang pulley-inspired lighting or scissor accordion wall lamps. Adding items with exposed mechanical workings is a great way to have a rustic vibe in your space.

Apart from that, exposed surfaces such as concrete flooring and brick walls are perfect details to achieve a rustic industrial design. Other structural elements that look great when exposed are ductwork and pipes, pillars and columns, as well as wooden beams. Don’t cover these features and just paint them if you want them to look sleek and cleaner.

  1. Add expressive artwork

A rustic industrial interior is not complete with artistic features. To achieve that creative flair, you can paint bold patterns, graphics, and murals on your exposed wall. This creates an instant accent to your space. Want to transform that boring bedroom wall? Hang an expressive artwork on it. If you’re opting for a DIY, get inspiration for your artwork from your surroundings such as trees, plants, architectural lines, and symbols.

If you are into balancing substance with modern style, the rustic industrial interior theme is a perfect choice. Pick the right warm rustic elements and industrial décor pieces that suit your taste, and create an appealing and welcoming living space. Use the tips above and start your interior redesigning today.

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