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Walking on Uneven Tiled Floors?

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Tiled floors are all the rage thanks to their renowned durability and ease of maintenance. They are also available in a range of designs, making them a perfect fit for practically kinds of areas and home designs. A professional tile floor installation is essential to guarantee satisfaction, so any homeowner should check with their designer or their builder whether ceramic or porcelain tiles are the best choice.

One of the critical aspects that is vital for a tiled floor is slippage. This could be an uneven area in a tiled floor caused by not using a floor tile levelling system, inadequate surface preparation, or improper joint sizes. To guarantee a flat and evenly tiled floor, these are the essential tools that should be included in the floor levelling kit you choose:

Tile Level Cap

This has a circular design and tapered ends and resembles a regular cap. Tile level caps are designed for the exertion of pressure on your tiles to guarantee they remain evenly flat all around. With this tool, you don’t need to keep checking on the vertical pressure system of individual tiles to ascertain if all tiles are level, which may reduce your tile installation time. There are different materials used for reusable tile level caps.

Tile Level Strips

Tile level strips

These are meant to be used with tile spacers to ensure your tiles are levelled and properly positioned. The bases of level strips feature a plastic material which reduces their spring effect and guarantees the pressure exerted on the tile does not cause the generation of bubbles on the tile adhesive used. Tile level strips are removed by impact in the direction of the grout using a mallet.

Tile Nippers

These are designed for use on floor and wall tiles. They supply the needed pressure on your tile levelling caps to ensure your tiles are flat and obtain homogenous floor flatness. The buildr must adjust the pressure using the nipper to avert the movement of the tiles when the adhesive is setting. Aside from floor levelling, a tile nipper is also used for making round cuts in your tile for the installation of taps, wires, and other appliances.

Bubble Level

This is also called a spirit level. It has a glass vial containing a bubble and liquid, with a marked centre. The vial has a slight curve which allows the natural movement of the bubble towards the vial’s centre. If your floor is even, the bubble will settle at the centre of the vial when the bubble level is placed on it. The best bubble level is a long one that can stretch across several tiles to let you assess their alignment with each other.

Unevenly tiled floors are always the bane of a homeowner. They will only last for a short period and could also cause trips, slips and other more serious accidents. Rather than guess the evenness of your floors, use the right tools to guarantee the floors are levelled. Thankfully a floor levelling kit is reusable and inexpensive.

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