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Methods of Refreshing the Look of Worn-Out Wood Floors

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Wooden floors are currently the leading choice in commercial and residential properties. Most people nonetheless opt for other flooring materials believing that wooden floors are high maintenance. There are however different options available nowadays for the protection of your wood floors.

These also make it easy to maintain and clean your floors. Even the best-maintained floor starts looking worn out after some time depending on the amount of foot traffic and the weight of your furniture.

Wood floor refinishing was the only solution in the past for Kansas City residents for the refreshing of worn out floors. Refinishing involves the topping up of your finish using lacquer or oil. A lacquer finish is an ideal solution for those looking for a shiny floor while an oil finish has a natural look.

There are different professional options available nowadays for the refreshing of your wooden floors based on the level of fatigue of your wood floors. Here are tidbits on these solutions.

Thorough Cleaning

All it takes to get your wooden floors looking new at times is a thorough professional clean. The experts will start by lifting all the furniture out of the room since dragging it will scratch your floors and necessitate costly repairs.

The cleaning is done using a high-powered vacuum followed by the use of a damp mop after spraying the floor with warm water. Steam can also be used for cleaning provided the floor is efficiently sealed.

Buffing and Polishing

Here, the experts will use buffers to breathe life into your wooden floors. These are machines which come with rotating pads. The pads are used to strip the wooden floor of the tired and worn out finish and leave it looking flawless.

After buffing, a matt or high gloss polish is applied to the floors. The buffer will be used to work the polish into your floors and ensure the entire floor is equally covered. Buffing and polishing are generally used for floors whose wood is intact, and only their finish is damaged.


Floor sanding

Though it takes time, sanding is guaranteed to make even the most worn out floor look new. It can be used on wooden floor types, although the lamella, or solid wood top layer of an engineered wooden floor should be thick enough to withstand the sanding. There are various stages of sanding used to restore wooden floors after which a lacquer or oil finish is applied.


This is an inexpensive and quick solution to rejuvenate the look of your wooden floor. In most cases, painting is used as a short-term solution for the worn-out look of your floors. Most experts recommend oil-based paints since these will withstand the traffic on your floors better than water-based paints will.

Most property owners opt to overhaul their wooden floor and install another flooring material when faced with tired-looking floors. They assume that getting their floors looking new as they once where are expensive and laying another floor is way cheaper.

The above solutions are however inexpensive and will guarantee your wooden floors will look new irrespective of their age provided an expert handles them.

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