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Why You Should Visit Greece After the Pandemic

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Are you thinking of having an out-of-the-country adventure once the pandemic ends? Well, after almost two years of isolation and endless lockdowns, you will be surprised if, after this, people will still be at their homes chilling. Of course, just like the roaring 20s (right after the war and the Spanish Flu), we will have our roaring 20s. While it still is hard to say when the world will fully reach herd immunity, things are somehow looking up, and that is a good enough reason to plan for your big European getaway.

So, you can think of France, Amsterdam, Italy, or even Spain. However, this article will tell you why you need to also consider the country where democracy and the Olympics originated from — Greece.

Greece is one of the most historically famous countries, and that is only one reason to visit and enjoy it. This article will tell you why you will not regret the decision to put the Greek islands on your travel list!

It Has a Colorful History and Culture

Did you know that in Greece, they welcome people into their homes by smashing plates? This tradition symbolizes the beginning and warding off of evil energies that may harm the family. Greeks do this in every celebration and gathering, so if ever you are welcomed to a Greek Airbnb family, and they do this, do not be alarmed. That is their way of telling you, welcome and feel at home!

Furthermore, even if the Greeks do not believe in their famous Greek gods anymore. You will be surprised how these works of fiction beings are still being incorporated every day. You will be interested in how Greeks’ expressions revolve around these beliefs. If for you, it is a work of literature to be called Aphrodite, to them, it means they find you attractive.

Overall, Greeks are generally laid-back people, as their ancestors were during the Peloponnesian war.

Grecian village

Visiting Greece Can Provide Inspiration

Following that point, when you visit Greece, you will be fully immersed in cultural things. From aesthetic structures, furniture, and even wardrobe and style! So, if you are someone who is planning to build a house in a few months. After visiting Greece, you might be inspired to take on Graeco-Roma interior designs or even take after Cretan structures. You might be surprised to realize your liking for marble and limestone veneer designs.

Moreover, Greek food is life-changing! They do salads as no other country does, and also the Greeks love their olives and cheese! So, after your visit, you might realize that you have taken after their healthy food preferences and dump all your junk food.

Greek Islands Are Beautiful

Greece is an archipelago, it might not be a piece of common knowledge for people, but the country has two hundred and twenty-seven islands. It is not just Athens, history, and statues. There are amazing islands and beaches in the country. You might know the most famous one, Santorini, but there are still others that you can visit if you want to unplug from work and unwind with Greek wine.

That is the beauty of Greece; if you are a history enthusiast, it is the best place to go to. If you are just a tourist who wants to relax, you have two hundred and twenty-seven islands to choose from or even hop from. Lastly, if you are a wanderlust who wants to make a DIY journey, you would not regret the culture, the people, and the food!

It Also Snows in Greece

This is a bonus trivia that might tip the scales. Yes, it does snow in Greece. It is a rare phenomenon, but the light white snow does touch the Greek lands. So, imagine if you are there in the country, and it starts to snow. You are one of the luckiest souls to witness that, as it does not happen the way eternal sunrises happen in Norway.

When the temperature drops in the Northern part of the country, there is more than just a slim chance of snow, and if you want to have a quick getaway in the holidays, you can consider the country too.

Traveling is a natural human tendency. For some reason, humans are curious beings who want to experience many new things. For this reason alone, Greece will not disappoint. When this pandemic ends, the country will even be more impressive as it also had its time to heal from the consistent and high rate of tourism.

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