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Best Afterschool Activities for Children with ADHD

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You will require more effort as a parent to take care of a kid with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). You have to consider their needs every time you make minor or major decisions for them. You will have to undergo parent training to know how to give the best care for your child.

Kids with ADHD find it difficult to focus and be attentive. It’s hard for them to control their hyperactivity and impulsivity. To help ease their condition, there are concrete steps you can take as a parent.

According to a study, children’s ADHD decreases when exposed to plenty of playtime. Physical activity exposes people to stimulants that cause neurogenesis. Neurogenesis is the generation of new stem cells.

With that said, here are five afterschool activities you can expose your child to manage their symptoms:

1. Martial Arts

Enrolling your kid in martial arts classes is one of the best decisions you can make for them. Martial classes are fast-paced. It will strengthen your kid’s focus and alertness. The repeated practice of the moves mainly helps their cognitive functions. Furthermore, martial arts also trains your child’s coordination and strength because of these moves.

Martial arts also provide children with a safe way to channel their energy into something. And although kids usually practice in groups, the sport focuses on every kid’s individual growth. You can look into karate, judo, and taekwondo are common martial arts for kids.

2. Swimming

Swimming is physically taxing. Just moving around in the water practicing how to paddle consumes so much energy. It is an excellent way for children to release their energy which they have plenty of.

Being submerged in water will help them learn spatial awareness. You can have your kid enrolled in a one-on-one class with a swimming instructor. This guarantees fewer distractions. It will also help them focus on the directions that the instructor gives. And it can foster better concentration and attention to detail.

3. Dancing

One of the problems kids with ADHD face is a distraction. They are easily distracted by stimuli around them, such as movement and noise. They can’t focus on one task. Most of the time, they don’t finish a task, and then they quickly move on to another.

Music and movement can help address these issues. In fact, there is a type of dance therapy dedicated to helping children with ADHD. Dancing is a fun activity for kids. At the same time, it can instill into them the values of patience and listening. They also get connected better to their bodies through movement.

4. Team Sports

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Sports, in general, teach children patience and sportsmanship. In addition to that, it can boost a child’s self-esteem. Often, children with ADHD have difficulties in academics. This is primarily due to their inability to focus. If they can be good at one sport, that can give them a boost of self-confidence.

Experts usually recommend individual sports to kids with ADHD. It might be difficult for them to understand the rules of the game. Sports like basketball and football that have many kids in a team can be confusing for them. Still, there are some teams sports you can let your kid try.

Baseball is one. The rules are easier to understand, and there are individual tasks a kid can practice with. They can first start learning the fundamentals like how to catch and pitch and swing a bat. That will help them learn to focus and pay attention.

It is better if the coach understands your kid’s situation to provide the best environment for your kid. Even during downtime, your kid can help arrange the equipment so that they won’t get bored.

5. Art

Art can satisfy your kid’s craving for stimulation. Enroll them in an art class or art therapy to help them deal with some of their behavioral issues. Art therapy can help children feel calmer. A bonus is that they get to engage their creative expression along the way.

Even simple art activities like drawing will make your child use logical thinking and abstraction. It can also help them deal with problems their inability to focus when sequences and patterns are involved.

Art gives kids freedom. They can express themselves while they make a mess, and that is okay.

These activities improve their concentration and attention, and they also play a role in keeping your children healthy. Physical and creative activities boost their mood and reduce anxiety. Letting them explore these activities will expose them to a healthy lifestyle that will help them as they grow up.


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